Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy Weekend

I organized a Japanese dinner party to celebrate Joe's Graduation at Joe's house.
I had to say preparing a dinner party alone for 15 people is not an easy task and cooking Japanese food is definitely making everything harder as I never cook Japanese food before.

I started organising and preparing Japanese Dinner Night 2 days ago.
Planning on decorations, food for appetizer, mains and dessert, music and more.
I was actually enjoying it!

I made up with a list of menu from entree to dessert.
Let's start with appetiser.
There is Tako (optopus) Sausages,

Ume and Tuna Onigiri,

and some sour and spicy cucumber salad.

As for mains, we had Miso Soup, Nikumaki,

Nikumaki- bacon wrapped with asparagus, string beans and carrot.

Taylor fish with teriyaki sauce.
(Joe caught 14 fishes in the morning from the river, the fishes was so fresh!)

and Teriyaki Chicken & Japanese Curry Chicken with rice.
For Drinks, we had Green tea and Sake.

and for dessert, I made Midori Jelly with fruits and bought fortune cookies for everyone. Just for the fun of it.

Overall, I'm happy and proud of what I've done. I had never prepare such a huge dinner party before. It was tiring! mentally and physically! How did my mom do it everytime???
Luckily with Joe's help, or else it will be a mess.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Japanese Food Night :)


Fiery said...


Jo Serwey said...

next time k next time :P

ching∞ said...

leen.. saya lagi teruk ok. dapat tengok tak dapat makan.. tak boleh tanya mana invite juga kerana terlalu jauh..
*woo-hoo! i actually can write in MALAY!!* *shiok sendiri*

eh eh, kenapa tak.. err.. mention itu timun salad? hmph! tak sedap ke?!

ching∞ said...

EEEHhhhh! ini adik saya terlampau lar.. tak pernah organize PARTY untuk saya :(
saya pun mau ini jepun-theme party! hmph!!

leen, bila u dua balik, kita panggil itu tak-ada-hati adik saya buat jepun-theme CNY untuk kita ok! kekekekeeke!

Jo Serwey said...

the timun got la.. on the table. but was too busy, i forgot to take photo man.. got a few dishes i forgot to take photo :P soli la~
ok ok.. when i go back we japanite!