Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Night in Burswood

Joe and I had a 2 days 1 night relaxation at Burswood on Wednesday.
We stayed in Intercontinental Hotel, Classic room.

The room was spacious, cozy, nice view, comfortable, big LCD TV, very nice bathroom and Oh-I-Love-the-Bed.

Somehow I really love the bathroom. I told joe that I want my bathroom to be like that in my future new house :)

After opening and checking on every drawer and cabinets (that was me. Joe was fascinated that I look like a Inspector, check and look for everything in the room like a kiasu) we decided to sit down, relax, and have a cup of tea before heading to the swimming pool & spa.

Look what I've found. A drawer full of mini bottle of alcohol~~~~ I wana get the Henessey one.. That is the only one that I don't have :P

While we were having a nice swim and spa, the room service man went into our hotel room and gave us a little surprise. A box of 2 lovely tiny chocolates~ The chocs taste so gooooood... yum...

After all that, it was already 530pm! We get changed and ready to go to have our lovely dinner at Sirocco.
We had quite a lot for our dinner. To be honest, I ATE TOO MUCH and I WAS MEANT TO GO ON MY FREAKING DIET! Pardon me. Although I ate a lot, but I was really satisfied with the meals and I know I will regret if I don't order it :P

Let me tell you what we had for our dinner.
For our entree, we had Turkish breads with 3 types of dips and Smoked salmon Caesar salad.

This is the best Caesar Salad I've ever eaten in my life. Sorry, I was too excited and my mouth act faster than my hand. Maybe you can try dining there, so you get to taste what I have tasted!

My main was Catch of the day. Pretty good... until I tasted Joe's Steak!

The steak is the best. I saw at least 2-3 tables ordered just the steak! I felt regret immediately that I've ordered the fish instead of the steak. It's the best steak. So juicy, So tender, Just nice and everything goes well together. I felt like tapao-ing back just in case I am hungry later. But of course.. I can't.

Then we had desserts.

Butter Bread pudding

White chocolate tart, Cassis sorbet, vanilla anglaise
I'm sorry but I have to say this is the BEST dessert EVER!!! Usually, dessert is all about Sweet, sweet and SWEET! But this my friend.. It's not only SWEET.. but a little SOUR to let my taste bud had an excellent kick!
Oh soooooo good.. I actually finished my dessert... I still can feel the texture of the pastry and the taste of the Cassis sorbet in my mind... ^_^

After the dinner, we head to the showroom to watch Stomp.

Stomp is not an ordinary play, musical, or opera. There is no speech, dialogue or plot.
It's funny, entertaining and amazing!
It's hard to explain. Just go to, buy the ticket and Watch it now! The show ends this Sunday 3rd May 2009!

Yeap. You saw it.. We went to Burswood Casino and won some monaaayyy.... >: )
Feels sooooo good winning it. Black Jack & Roulette. I love.

This is our Breakfast at Atrium.

Pretty good. Lots of choices. I didn't get to try everything. I wasn't hungry at all, probably because my stomach is still digesting the dinner. :P

It's time for us to check out from the hotel, we had to go back to our "nest"...
no more comfortable beds with thick quilts, no more nice clean big bathroom, no more nice view with a cup of tea.. bye bye Burswood. I will miss you..

I have to thank Tony, my manager and Quokka for giving me such a nice gift! It was awesome. I really enjoyed it.

It's good to have everything for free :)
Use to the max, eat to the max, and play to the max. BEST.

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Spice up your Desktop

I was staring at my desktop for a while and I thought to myself..
"What a boring picture I had in my desktop!"

So I decided to make my desktop looking pretty!
I came across pixelgirlpresents and found some interesting icons and wallpapers.

These are just some example from the website.

It's easy to download. Find the ones that you like and click on the icon of the Operating system that you are using.

Click on the image for clearer view
Look at my cute white bunny wallpaper and those cute icons I'm using!

Is it time for you to make your desktop look Pretty too? :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Outback Jack

Went to Outback Jack in Northbridge today.

It is quite a spacious restaurant and the deco was interesting.. because there is a BIGGG Crocodile hanging on top off the ceiling! its So BIG, it is probably 4 or 5x of my size. It's cool.

The waitresses were very attentive. In fact, it's TOO attentive that we felt irritated by her.
She came to us every 2minutes and ask if we wanted to order some drinks. She recommended Cosmopolitan which is on special, at least 5 times and sadly, after taking a sip, it doesn't taste very good.

Ordered a few meals to try out.
For entrees

skippY DunDee: A combo of two famous Aussies, KANGAROO
& CROCODILE on skewers. Served with Jack’s’
bush chutney.

This dish taste pretty decent. Compare to the ones that I ate in Hippo creek, the meat is more tender.

Sautéed prawns, tails on, in a spicy chilli
tomato sauce on a bed of rice,
served in a mini camp oven.

Apparently suppose to be spicy, but not sure if it's my tongue or the chef forgot to put chilli in it, It's not spicy at all. But it tastes good. :)

As for mains, we got the Surf and turf

Porterhouse with mushroom sauce

Prime Ribs with chips

Looks pretty good huh.. It is quite good, but if I would rate it, i will only give 2 stars.
Reasons for it is because the steak in OBJ is comparable with the ones in Hog's breath. It was a bit rough.
The ribs, not much meat, not really juicy and Lacker's grill taste wayyyy better than OBJ's Ribs.

Oh! If you are very hungry and has not much money to order a lot of food, maybe you should go to OBJ to take the 1KG steak challenge! Eat 1KG of steak in 30mins, u will get 50% discount and get a FREE T-shirt! Not too bad at all! :)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hair Cut day

I had my hair cut today.

You must be wondering why I wanna blog about my hair cut.. Well, it is quite special to me because I got it cut at somebody else's house and had to pick the hairdresser up too before getting my hair cut! :P

Well, it is actually like this. Alice and I wanted to get a hair cut. But we both are so broke, we couldn't afford to go to hair saloon. So, Alice suggested to me that she got a Japanese friend, who is a hairdresser in Japan, can cut our hair in a reasonable price. So of course, I want a "Japanese" hair cut, so I say YES!

The only thing is, we had to pick her up from the Northbridge, and bring her to Alice's house, and have the hair cut there.

I have to say, this is a very interesting experience to me haha..
I never have my hair cut so casually before! She's just take out that piece of cover or sheet (whatever it is) put on her scissors belt, and cut!

I have to say she is quite good (6 years of experience in hairdressing)
I am very happy with the result.

Nothing much.. just trim, layered and some tips :P
My hair now is less frizzy and it is lighter! ^_^
Thanks Sayaka.

Dinner @ Etro's, King St, City

Joe and I went to Etro's last Friday for dinner. Wanted to try out this place since last year because my friend work there as a sous chef.

Etro's only open for breakfast and lunch everyday.
They will open for dinner on Friday because of city night shopping.

It was quite quiet when I went there, maybe because it is not a popular place for dinner, or maybe everyone was busy shopping :)

The food was good. It's not something that I can have anywhere ( I mean the flavour of the dishes, it was very special) except the portion is too small for Joe. But I think it was just right.

I might go there again but maybe not for dinner. I want to try their breakfast and lunch. I think, it will be good :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How can I be Thin???

Taurus Hawkers-Super Big size Fried Kuey Teow

Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant

Pancake and Grill

Royal Seafood Restaurant

Satsuki Japanese Restaurant

Edo Shiki


Fast Eddy - Ribs and chips

Chilli Crab at home

Poppo Korean and Japanese Restaurant

It is just impossible... -_-"