Friday, March 27, 2009

Weird day

It was a weird day for me today.
Things were not going my way. Probably it's just me.

In the afternoon, I knew I wanted Japanese Sushi for my lunch but I ended up with Beef and black bean with fried rice.

My manager wanted to move the new desk for me. He open the drawer and spotted this.

We saw some White-I-don't-know-wtf-insects in the drawer!
Is it white ants? Termites? I don't know what it is.. I'm not using this drawer! 0_0

After work, I wanted to shop for myself but ended up buying winter clothing for Joe.

After shopping, thought I will have roti canai (ready made) for dinner but when I got home, I saw a splat of curry on top of the stove with pieces of broken glasses. Apparently Joe heat up the curry with the "pyrex" bowl on the stove, and it burst! Well, I guess it's a fake pyrex then.
No more Roti canai.

Supposed to go to Movie by Burswood to watch Rachel's getting married under the moonlight. But maybe because we had to clean up the mess, and we don't feel like going anymore, we end up having Japanese food for dinner with Donald at Momiji.

When we were ordering, In my heart, I wanted Okonomiyaki, but I ordered Chicken Udon instead.

What an interesting day for me hey. It might sound abit sad, but I didn't! That's why I feel weird.


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