Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pre Birthday dinner @ Alure, Burswood

Joe booked a table at Alure in Burswood on my birthday.
I wore pretty dress that day... and it was sleeveless!

Anyway, let's talk about what we had that day.

This was on the house. Strawberries cubes in watermelon juice.
Not too bad, quite refreshing, it's just not chilled enough.

Watermelon Martini. Love it :)

For our entrees, we ordered quite a few dishes and it was fantastic.

Sashimi platter & Beef Tataki.

We had those and felt we need more for entree, so I ordered one more.

Crab Cake. It was soooo yummy!! I never try this in my life! Very special.
Compliment to the one who created this dish.

As for our mains. we ordered 3 dishes to share.

Seafood Platter

Red Emporer

Pork with pomegranate gravy.
Not too sure about that mains.. Joe, Frances & I agreed that the mains were a bit dissapointing.
Seafood was fresh but taste abit bland. Pork was abit too tough but gravy was quite creative. Red Emporer was good, no comment on that.

We had dessert after that. I read some reviews on the internet about the desserts in Alure.
So I must try the dessert, no matter what.
We had the Torrone ice cream, toffee center, white chocolate crust

Valrhona chocolate fondant with iced double cream

It was beautifully decorated and it took about 20-25min to prepare the dessert as they make it on scratch. It was impressive and the taste of it was excellent.

I had to take a photo with it :P

Alure had won quite a few awards for the past few years.
Definitely going back there one day probably for the entree and dessert :P Yum.

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