Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Birthday lasted for 1 week

I was having lunch with Eileen today and I told her I had the longest birthday in my life!
Started on Saturday last week with a group of friends for a nice dinner and cake cutting.

Monday, I had a early birthday dinner at Alure with Frances and Joe.

Tuesday was my actual birthday. At work but fun. I bought cakes for my colleagues and they loved it. They bought me chocs and I received birthday cards from them too.

Wednesday in Japanese class, somehow sensei thought it was my birthday on wednesday, she wished me. I don't mind haha..

Thursday, Eileen sms me at 12.51am and wish me happy birthday because she thought it was still February. I'm not surprised at all. But I'm glad that she remembered. haha That's Eileen. +_+

Friday at work, Christine gave me TimTam Black Forest (damn good) and a birthday card. Judy gave me a deck of Tarot cards. She knew I'm into these things but I'm not good at it, but I will practice more :P and she gave me a birthday card too. (She actually left it near my table on Tuesday and i didn't realised until Friday. I can't believe it!!! How Blind am I?

Saturday, today.. the instructor wished me Happy Birthday while I'm on my way out.
Eileen handed me my Myer's $10 Birthday Voucher.
How good was that huh! 1 week of birthday. Unfortunately, Eileen's birthday was better than mine. She had her birthday party Saturday and got drunk. DRUNK. drunk. DRUNK. drunk until Friday. You won, Eileen. Thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

wahlau. u make me sound so fking alcoholic.


u forgot to mention that I DONT DRINK ANY MORE.

Anonymous said...

o come i make it one more day.


my face so smooth now so fking weird.

Jo Serwey said...

eh! rough u complain, smooth you complain. wtf man u...