Monday, March 16, 2009

Lunch @ Cori Anna, William St, Northbridge

Donald, Joe's new house mate from Korea. He is a very nice & funny guy.
He brought us to Cori Anna last Wednesday for Korean food. He said Cori Anna is one of the best Korean food in Perth.

Cori Anna used to be very quiet and food they served were not very good until they sold it off to the new owner end of last year.

I've been really "Korean" lately. Eating Kim Chi at least once a week (even at home), watching Korean Drama, started learning Korean language from Donald, catching up with Korean friends. I should just born in Korea hey. :P

Korea is such a fascinating country. Thanks for Elly & her family, especially her sister, she brought me around Incheon and experience the lifestyle of Korean. Thanks to Elly too, she is willing to bring me around eventhough she is so stress at work and rush home for me. I wish to go there once again to meet Elly and her family to show appreciation and explore more about Korea. I'm still feeling regretful from not able to spend the last day with Elly's family for a Family Dinner. I will definitely going back there again, sometime. Wait for me Korea.

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