Friday, March 6, 2009

Doraemon in da house!

My birthday present finally arrived!

It's Doraemon Comic Book!
Don't laugh! This is my sleeping "pill" when I couldn't sleep at night.
When I was in KL, I'm always finding myself going to bed really really late like 3am or 4am which is really bad for me. (I always go to bed at 12am in Perth)
To make me feel sleepy straight away, I have to read something.
I can't read novels, as I will not stop if it is interesting.
I don't want to read newspaper, because it makes my finger black.
I can't read cook books, it makes me hungry.
I can't read complicated-meaning books, it makes me frustrated.
So, I read Doraemon. Easy, funny, and relaxing :)

I found Doraemon comic book in my sister's room. Wonder why she reads doraemon..... hmmm...?
Anyway, Thank you Je for the comic books~ really HAPPY when I got it! I woke up at 7.30am to open the present heheheeh.. delivery man works early in the morning! I will use it for my pangsai session too kakakakaka >.<

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ching∞ said...

from your family with love.. :)

hope you, our precious, have happy moments every day, every minute, everywhere! ';)