Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dinner @ Lackers Grill, Northbrigde

Went to Lackers Grill 2 days ago with friends.
I heard that it was good so I thought I would give it a go.

The menu itself was quite interesting. They did collages by using pictures that cut out from magazines instead of the usual boring way.

My friends and I ordered Bruschetta and the Lackers Combo for entree.

I must say.. It was pretty good!

The mussles that they got in the lackers combo, really amused me.
I was curious about the ingredient that they used, but I didn't ask them what it is..
I will ask them next time probably.. :P

These were the few dishes that we had on that night.

I like the taste of the steak except it was a lil tiny part that was over cooked. Otherwise, yum.

This was quite normal for me. Pasta itself was abit tasteless. Probably it's not their specialty.

This was good. The Mixed Grill.

and the RIBS... it was huge! I ordered the honey BBQ flavour. It was very tender and juicy.
Taste is just right and you will never stop although you are full. It's just too good. Even the chips are fantastic! Definitely going back there again :)

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