Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Breakfast

Joe was very sweet to me on my birthday. He knows that I had to work on my birthday, he tried his best to spend the morning with me with a nice yummy breakfast.
He was looking online, which place is nice for breakfast. Unfortunately, I had to go to work, so we can't go too far. So I decided on having breakky on Ba Ba Black in East Perth at the very last minute.

Ba Ba Black is a small cafe situated at the corner of Plain and Royal St.
People there were nice and friendly.
We had english breakfast tea.

A big breakfast

and a super huge pancake.
This was the best pancake I ever tasted in my life. Trust me.
But I couldn't finish it. So sad.

After breakfast, I went to Miss Maud to get some cakes for my colleagues at work.
It's a tradition to buy cake for everyone on your birthday. I know it's weird, but I think it's quite nice. I love sharing nice things with people on my birthday haha :)
I bought Black Forest cake and they loved it.

Annette bought me Baci and a birthday card, and a new girl Racheal gave me ferrero rocher.
So nice of them.. I'm happy~

Thank you everyone that wished me on my birthday. Really happy.

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