Thursday, March 5, 2009

Automatic Checkout Teller - Stockland Woolsworth

While we were buying bread this afternoon at Stockland Woolworth's we encountered a new beast at the checkout - An automatic checkout machine. Extremely Complex with 20 different slots and outlets. Basically, the customer had to press start and scan their items on the machine, placing each item in a plastic bag before continuing to the next. The machine was very particular about the order. After that you had the option of paying via cash (even accepts 5cents coins... hehe), credit card or EFTPOS. It was a particularly fun. However, just to make sure we werent scamming Woolworth's, they had a checkout operator watching us all the while with eagle eyes. I suppose they've had people scan 1 item and then stuff 6 into the plastic bag.

They've had this machine for 8 months now but this is the first time we saw it... Pretty interesting but a bit slow if you're in a rush. I suppose its a viable alternative if the regular checkout lines are congested.

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