Saturday, February 14, 2009

Room Deco

While I was in Malaysia shopping with my sister, I saw this selling in one of the outdoor stall.
A Wall sticker decoration. Made in Korea. These came in various sizes and it's very beautiful! and cheap too :P

Sorry, I was sticking it half way through..
I choose the Autumn-ee feel sticker. It's some tree branches and a bird cage.

I started sticking this in the middle of the night, cuz I was not sleepy and felt like doing something. This, doesn't require any skills at all! You just need to know where to stick it and stick it on nicely. Thats it! If you make a mistake, you can always peel it off slowly and stick it again. I decided to put it on my greenish brown wall.

Tadaa~ how beautiful it is!! My room looks awesome everytime I see it :P

If you are interested, the stall is in The Curve,Damansara. The stall is outside near to the restaurants. A Korean lady is selling it. ;)

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