Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My a-lil-bit-too-early present

Mitte~ Mitte~~ Macbook dayo~~

Yes.. finally got it. My new laptop.

This Macbook was bought by my friends+Joe+Frances+myself.
My friends willing to chip in to buy the laptop since they probably have no idea what to get for me. (I don't even know what I want honestly). Although it probably cover 10% of it, but it helped me alot! ^_^
Thanks guys. I'm really happy with this present! :) will let u guys have a look this Saturday.
According to Joe & Frances, I can't use it till my birthday. (They just want to see me go crazy) Oh well~ I will wait!!!

This will be my 3rd bao bei.
1st - G9
2nd -Mazda
3rd - Macbook

ehehehehe ^_^


Anonymous said...

cannot touch!!! :) we will put password.... muahahaha

Jo Serwey said...

touch d~~