Sunday, February 15, 2009

Japanese Product

As you know I am quite obsessed with Japanese products or anything from Japan.
Don't ask me why.

While I was in Malaysia, I came across this product.

I think anyone of you can understand what it is, rite? Take your time to look at it.. it's not that difficult :P

This breast enhancer choc cookie is so popular in Japan and Taiwan. I even saw it on the Taiwanese beauty program. I was sooooooo excited when I saw it. I had to buy this incredible shit man.. I'm not greedy, i just want my booby to be 1 size bigger :P

1 box (4 pieces) cost RM29.90. It is not very expensive considering it can make my breast bigger without doing plastic surgery.
So I bought 2 boxes of Fcup choc. Just to try if it's taste alright. The taste was alright.. it's just abit powdery and dry. But if I had to eat it everyday for 2 months.. I probably throw up.
You know I'm quite picky on food..

The shop assistant told me that if I want to see the results, I have to take 2 sticks a day for 2 months and it depends on individuals.

Wish my breast good luck! :P
If you are interested, you can check out their site

or go to Midvalley 女人我最大 shop. you will be amazed.

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Anonymous said...

it probably makes your boobs bigger by calorie intake... either that or it's got oestrogen in it...