Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm back!

Helo everybody.. I know I know.. I've been slacking..
but honestly.. I was really tired and busy!
I know I got alot of things to blog, about Korea, Malaysia and Perth.. I got tons of photos.. probably about 1000 or more? It really make my head spin when I start sorting out my photos in my bloody old laptop.. *hint*hint*

What do I feel now?
Mix feelings.. I was glad that I'm back to my room and sit on my Mazda... but.. in my heart.. I was missing alot of things.. especially my family,.. and my dear friends.. my beauty sleep time.. my worry-free life.. my shopping heaven in Korea and KL.. my FOOD in KL.. omg i'm hungry..
No matter what.. nothing beats the place you grew up in..
I felt my english speaking is getting worse when I start talking to my colleagues.. suddenly lost of words and it was all jumbled up! OMG! What should I do?? Smile I guess?

Feel sad, cuz the pineapple tart that my mom made is moldy... had to throw all away.. apparently Joe saw blue colour tiny winy alien mushroom lookalike on the pastry.. :(
!@#$ you bacteria.. why can't you grow on something that I hate rather on something that I love?

Feeling princess-no-more. No maid to help me cook, clean, ask and wash. I need a maid here!

I wish the earth can move around faster and combine Australia and Malaysia together :P


ching∞ said...

Oh my.. the pineapple tarts were made with lots of love.. so sad..!!!

Jo Serwey said...

i know.. joe took a bite and spit it out!