Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What did I had today...

Went to renew my passport today. I was surprised to see how efficient it is on renewing passport! It's so fast and easy!
Pardon me with the blur photo. 
This machine is really good! your passport only need 5mins to process it! 
What you need to bring is just your old passport, 1 pass port photo, ID card, money and your thumb!
After that, you will need to come back after 2hours to collect your passport. Good rite? 
I remember few years back, it was a mess and long waiting process just to renew the passport. 
It was a nightmare!! But now, never fear! your passport can b done in 2 hours! Impressed.
while waiting for my passport, My brother and I went to the canteen and had some food. 
I had the Rice ball with coconut and my brother had stir fried noodle. 
2hours later, after i got my new passport,  I was hungry again. So we went to 1 utama and i had a small pack of nasi lemak.
1 hour later, we went to Mont Kiara to meet up with my sister and had Japanese food. 
It is call Tamako. The food that they served was really authentic. 
It looks like a family business to me. 

We ordered.. 
Chawamushi. The best Chawamushi that I ever tasted. GOOD!
I had miso soup and Ume onigiri.
My brother had Ramen. It was yum! 

Ramen comes with some Gyoza. The gyoza is really healthy.
It was pan-fried with water i guess. It's not oily and tasted good!
I had Bacon wrapped with mushrooms yaki.
It is very special dish. Never had is before. 
After like 1 hour, I had Cream Puff! 
another 2 hours later, I had dinner at home. 
after that i had Sweet soup "tong sui" for supper. 
Wow! Fat neh!

While i was in carpark, i saw this car sticker. 
Mcdonalds VIP drive thru!!! Wat the heck!?!?


ching∞ said...

Wahh.. koko must be EXHAUSTED! I think you drained out his one-year "SHOPPING" energy in ONE DAY! hahahahaha!

Oh you forgot to mention, that you dropped bits and pieces of the curry puff -- while you were walking towards the counter to pay for the puff -- and you didnt need to pay because by the time you reached the counter, you lost the whole puff :p

crown you the BLUR-queen for da day :p

Anonymous said...

macdonald's is obviously fine dining now eh ?!!

Anonymous said...

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