Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wey VS Spa

On the 2nd day in Korea, my friend Elly brought me to Incheon's popular place, family/couple/friends hang out place.

SPASIS. - Jimjilbang

This is the place where I afraid to go the most. Where I need to be naked 0_0"
This place operating 24hours. So whenever you feel like being naked, you can go anytime. :P

This is my locker key + scan tag.
When you need to use extra facilities, just scan your key and they will charge you later when you are going home.

First room that we went to is the heat room. This room should be around 60 degrees celcius.
The heat is so hot, I sweat in like 2 mins.

I wonder how people can just sleep in this heating room. I feel like burning in there. Whole shirt and pants was soak in sweat. I was complaining non stop while I was in there because it was too hot, but after 20mins, I started to get used to it. It does actually feel quite good.

After a big sweat, she brought me to the ICE room. She told me, after hot room, must go to the cool room, so that your pore will be tighten and become beautiful~~~wow I will lick the ice too if I can be beautiful.

No, I didn't lick it okay.

After that, we went to feed the fishes with my yummy leg :)

See the fishes love my foot! Yum Yum.. wanna try?

This is traditional Korean Rice Honey drink. It tasted very nice and cooling.
I wish I can have this again.. mmmm...~_~

This is a common area where people lie down and rest and relax.
There's people watching TV, people sleeping, people talking, people playing can do watever you want.

Then Elly brought me to this Ultimate room. 100 degrees heat!!! OMG!! It was soooooo HOT, I have to beg Elly to let me out after 1 minute! This is crazy!! Why people can stand the heat?

There's movie theatre too. Unbelievable.
It's a small theatre and you only need to pay 1,000won which is 1AUD. Thats CHEAP!!

GYM room.. Thin!! thin!!!

This is the traditional towel hat in the Jimjilbang.
I know I look hideous. I feel I look like a baby LAMB. MMeekkhhhh...

Then we stay in this tiny heating cave, lying down, playing and chit chatting..
I feel very comfortable to be in the little cave, spending time with my friend.
I feel as though we known each other for a long time although we only get to know each other for probably 2-3months and we didn't see each other for 1 year. I really miss her now and hope to see her again really soon..She is such a nice friend to me and her family too, treat me like their daughter and lil sister! I will never forget the time we spent together in KOREA. Thank you very much Elly & family for everything.

After all that, it's time to be naked. Elly told me to take off all my clothes. I look at the room full of naked bodies walking around, I was scared and shy! WHYYYYYY.. Can I shower with my clothes on?!?!?! I asked Elly. She looked at me, she took off her clothes and walked off.
WTF!! why you leave me alone!! She turned back and told me to take off my clothes or else I will be the weird one! :( I took 1min to take off my clothes and cover with a bloody small piece of towel. Elly looked at me again and ask me to cover my face instead if I don't want anybody to know me. @!#%$^& Bloody hell bully me.

After a long super clean shower, I feel so nice and light~ and I wish to go back there again~~~
I miss KOREA~~~

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