Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First place I went in Korea...

I went to Korea 2 weeks ago on friday. I took Thai Airway.
It was my first time to take Thai Airway. It was good!
Services good, seats good, food good, air hostesses look so good~

I had this on my way to Bangkok Airport. It was surprisingly yummy! It tasted fresh!
I've been taking MAS airline alot of times but the food that MAS airline served was not as good standard as Thai Airway! MAS airline service is getting worse and worse each time. I wonder why... I wish Thai Airway can fly from KLIA to PERTH without transfer, so that i can enjoy my flight :)

This is Bangkok airport. It's huge.
I stopped at Bangkok for around 1 hour plus waiting for transit to Incheon Airport.
It was quite a long wait for me as it was around 11pm...I felt sleepy and tired.

After the 1 hour wait, I finally get into the next flight and head to Incheon.
They served us sandwich as it's not a good time for a meal at the midnight flight. Sandwich tasted good too.

About 1 hour before we touched down, we were served breakfast. I had omelette and sausage. It was not as good as the noodle, but i like the omelette, not dry at all.. i was actually juicy 0_0

After 5 and half hours flight, finally arrived Incheon airport. Feel so relieved! I hate taking plane. it makes me so stress and of cuz.. I got travel sickness, that's the most annoying part.

I was looking out the window in the plane, where is the snow? isn't it suppose to be snowing here in seoul? Nooooooo... I want snow! NOW!!! I was feeling curious but excited at the same time, it was my first time to KOREA and looking forward to see my long-time-no-see friend!

Heart was beating slightly faster than usual, took my bags from the compartment, preparing to leave the plane. I can feel the cold air when walking from plane to the building.
The cold weather makes me even more excited and nervous that makes me wanna pee! =_="

So I rushed to the toilet in the airport, get in, put down my bags and I stared at the toilet seat.

There were plastic cover all around the seat!
Hygenic! What you need to do is press the red button, then plastic will rotate anti clockwise, and there you go! One new clean seat again! WOW! Can we have this in Malaysia and Australia?!?! This is sooo cool! I want! I think my dad will love this. ehheeheh

This is the hand dryer. A woman's photo was on it. It says she is in charge of the cleanliness of the toilet. 0_0
I wouldn't want my face to be there if i'm the janitor.....-_-"

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