Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally.. I can blog again..

It's been quite a while since i last blog..
I was in Seoul for a week and I couldn't go online because it was quite inconvenient.
But now, I realise I got 600 photos in my SD card, I was wondering how am I gonna post it up to my blog! It will take me quite a while to sort out the pics.

But now, I am going to talk about a restaurant that my family brought me to yesterday. It was my brother's birthday yesterday, so they decided to go to this restaurant.

It was my 1st time to go to this restaurant, it was not too far from my house, probably about 30mins drive. It's not a fancy restaurant or fine dining, but the food was fantastic!

They ordered ginger garlic steam fish

Guinness stout pork rib. <-- this was good!
Stir fry "gam-heong" intestine. <-- Dyeammmmmm.....yummy. crunchy!
Stirfry long beans

and "sao-min" for my brother.
Sao-min is good to have it on birthdays, it meant longevity for chinese culture.

If you want to try this restaurant, here is the address. It's quite a rural area, so make sure you open your eyes really BIG to look for the restaurant :)

P/s: Do try the Roast duck, Crabs, and Pork dish. It's their signature dish.

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