Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fibber McGees's Irish Pub, Leederville

Few days ago, Frances and Stephen brought Joe and I to Fibber Mcgee's in Leederville.

It was a nice place. Its a pub in front and restaurant at the back.

This is the front part. Pub.

This is the entrance to the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant was nice and cozy. Lot's of Irish photos.

It was a busy night for the workers there. It took them quite a while to prepare the food.
The waitresses there were very alert and polite, they apologies to us for the long wait. But we were fine, it was worth waiting actually. The food came out surprisingly good and yummy.

We ordered the Tasting Plate. It was awesome! This dish is worth waiting for.. everything in this plate was delicious! You gotto have it.

Frances had Beef Cheek with soft shell crab. Looks good.

Stephen had Lamb Shank with roast vegetable.

Joe's Guiness Stout Meat Pie. Look so yum!!!

I had Narrogin Lamb with sweet potato mash. Superb.

Overall, the service was good, food was good, atmosphere was good. But remember to book before you go there! :)

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