Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year Decoration

Chinese New Year is around the corner and apparently "graphic designer" supposed to be good at decorating the house. 0_0

So I took 3 days to be a GOOD graphic designer rather than anyhow hanging stuff that they bought around the house.

On the first day, my brain is not in the mood for decorating, probably because I got no idea how to as I have limited things to hang. I told myself, I must make something BOLD. Something Handmade.

So, I asked my maid for a piece of red cloth.
Sew the ribbon on, sew the flower on, and hang the decoration on.

This took me 1 hour.

After that, I was too lazy and run out of idea. So I decided to wait until the next day.

On the 2nd day, I was feeling lazy again because it was too hot :P excuses~~
But I need to do something so that I won't get nag by my mom, so I came up with this!!

It does look like cow right? right!!?!? :P
It's COW year this year, so I thought... why not?

Today, which is the 3rd day, I feel I must do something good today.
With the help of my maid, we make something to hang on the ceiling using ang pao "red packets".

Then I make 2 Bombs!

I'm kidding, this is just paper fire cracker lookalike.
I made this using recycle paper bag and stick red packets all around it.

Now this is what I call BOLD heehheeheh...

Firecrackers are commonly used in celebration of holidays or festivals and especially the celebration of Chinese New Year by Chinese communities around the world.

Happy Chinese "Cow" Year~

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ching∞ said...

woo-hoo.. chun! definitely looks like an ox ahahaha.. eh.. i need money more than an ox though.. can have gold ingots instead? :p :p