Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1st day in KL

I woke up at 5am yesterday morning to get ready to go to the airport. 
Somehow I felt something was really wrong yesterday before I stepped out of the house. 
I thought I was just too excited and nervous at the same time!

But I'm wrong. I was really unlucky. Probably because I never fly with Air Asia X before. 
Got lotsa problem in the International airport. It's not anybody's fault, it's my fault haha..

1st thing that happen : I was told that I can only have 1 cabin luggage, but i got 1 backpack and 1 hand carry. (I always fly with 1 bagpack and 1 hand carry everytime with MAS airline but nothing happen) So I had to go back to the check-in counter and have my backpack check-in without locking it! I was so worried, because I heard so many stories about the dodgy workers in KLIA. Apparently, the workers there open the luggage and take things from there. It happen to my aunt Christina, all the chocs that she bought from Perth got stolen from her luggage when she got her luggage back from KLIA. So dodgy. Why am i worried? because I forgot to take out my Canon camera from my backpack!! But I had no choice. Too late to go back. 

2nd : My pen is running out of ink when i'm trying to fill up the form. I had to ask around for a bloody pen just to fill it in. So pissed. But luckily the lady in front of my got her pen in her handbag. She was so kind, she help me take care of my hand carry while i was busying filling up the form. So nice.. 

3rd: Ice gel pack in the cold box to keep the meat cold. I totally forgot that I can't have any liquid item for hand carry. I got scolded by the bloody custom lady, she made me so pissed, I yelled at her back. :P not loud.. just softly hhaha.. 

4th: Air Asia seats suck...nice leather seats but can't lean backwards. seat 90 degrees. sleep 90 degrees. Bad seats...  

My Air Asia X Meal. Lamb Briyani
Not too bad. edible. 

After 5 hours of flight, I was finally touched down in KLIA. 
My brother came to pick me up. Feel so good, finally can see my family and i'm in malaysia. 

5th: Traffic jam in Puchong for around 40mins. 

At 3pm, finally home. My mom cooked lotsa nice food for me~~ Look!!!
Yum Yum~~~ Yvone and Eileen came to our house to have dinner together with us too~~ feel so nice!!! Best friend and best cousin-"friend" together with my family talking crapz and have fun together. 

After Dinner, it's dessert time! My sister bought us cakes! Very nice and yummy cakes from Just Heavenly. Especially the one at the front. Durian Choc Cake.. heaven~~~

I'm glad to be home. I miss home :)


ching∞ said...

I have two extreme feeling after reading your blog:

1. WHAT THE HELL?! You checked in your camera just like tat?!

2. Wanna cry because I'm so glad that you are home too.. *sob*sob*

You ah.. one lucky girl! :p

Anonymous said...

OMG...Durian Chocolate Cake...eek~!

Anonymous said...

jojo... i don't know how you can like durian...
also customs always create drama to make themselves feel important. hope you have a good trip :)

Jo Serwey said...

:~) everybody loves me~~~~~ so gan dong!~~~
hahaha yeap! i'm happy and lucky got my sister, my boyfren and my future sister in law take care of me :)
what can i do for u!!!


ching∞ said...

Joe & Frances (would love to meet you soon).. please come to KL and I'll take you both to enjoy the heavenly choc durian cake.. hehehh! I've never imagine both can go soOoooOo well...

Please visit! :p

Anonymous said...

-_-.. Count me out for anything durian related. But I will endevour to come over in early 2010 if time and money permits.

fiery said...



Jo Serwey said...

ahhaha i should post more about durian ey.. this is my 1st post that got so many comments!!! so happi!!

Durian ROCKS!