Thursday, January 29, 2009

Waxsh only lah!

Shop: Alo Sir! You want you car wash or wax ah??
Sir: Ya, waxsh only lah!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve

My family and relatives had Chinese New Year Eve dinner in Tai Thong Restaurant this year.
It was nice to see everybody get together, laughing chit chatting and the kids running around.

It's a tradition to have reunion dinner on Chinese New Year Eve.
Since I only come back once a year, I always see something new every year when I'm back.

My mom's family is huge. I got 4 aunts and 4 uncles. then I got probably 15 cousins. then nephew and niece.. don't even need to ask me. I lost count. I'm forgetful,I know.
Oh well, babies are cute. As long as I get to take photos of them, I think that's good enough :P
At least I can recognise their faces next time when I see them.

We had Yu Sang as our 1st dish.
Yusheng , yee sang or yuu sahng (simplified Chinese: 鱼生; pinyin: yúshēng) is a Chaozhou-style raw fish salad. It usually consists of strips of raw fish (most commonly salmon), mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. Yusheng literally means "raw fish" but since "fish (鱼)" is commonly conflated with its homophone "abundance (余)", Yúshēng (鱼生) is interpreted as a homophone for Yúshēng (余升) meaning an increase in abundance. Therefore, yusheng is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor.

Mixing it up together as high as we can for good luck :)

Then we had roast piggy~ oink oink..

Took lotsa pictures with everybody..

Pretty looking desserts...

and receiving red packets from aunt and uncle. $_$
I made 2 huge red packets for my mom and dad for fun :P
Hope everybody had a great and wonderful Chinese New Year.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Wey wishes everybody Happy Chinese New Year!!
Get lotsa angpao :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year Decoration

Chinese New Year is around the corner and apparently "graphic designer" supposed to be good at decorating the house. 0_0

So I took 3 days to be a GOOD graphic designer rather than anyhow hanging stuff that they bought around the house.

On the first day, my brain is not in the mood for decorating, probably because I got no idea how to as I have limited things to hang. I told myself, I must make something BOLD. Something Handmade.

So, I asked my maid for a piece of red cloth.
Sew the ribbon on, sew the flower on, and hang the decoration on.

This took me 1 hour.

After that, I was too lazy and run out of idea. So I decided to wait until the next day.

On the 2nd day, I was feeling lazy again because it was too hot :P excuses~~
But I need to do something so that I won't get nag by my mom, so I came up with this!!

It does look like cow right? right!!?!? :P
It's COW year this year, so I thought... why not?

Today, which is the 3rd day, I feel I must do something good today.
With the help of my maid, we make something to hang on the ceiling using ang pao "red packets".

Then I make 2 Bombs!

I'm kidding, this is just paper fire cracker lookalike.
I made this using recycle paper bag and stick red packets all around it.

Now this is what I call BOLD heehheeheh...

Firecrackers are commonly used in celebration of holidays or festivals and especially the celebration of Chinese New Year by Chinese communities around the world.

Happy Chinese "Cow" Year~

Wey VS Spa

On the 2nd day in Korea, my friend Elly brought me to Incheon's popular place, family/couple/friends hang out place.

SPASIS. - Jimjilbang

This is the place where I afraid to go the most. Where I need to be naked 0_0"
This place operating 24hours. So whenever you feel like being naked, you can go anytime. :P

This is my locker key + scan tag.
When you need to use extra facilities, just scan your key and they will charge you later when you are going home.

First room that we went to is the heat room. This room should be around 60 degrees celcius.
The heat is so hot, I sweat in like 2 mins.

I wonder how people can just sleep in this heating room. I feel like burning in there. Whole shirt and pants was soak in sweat. I was complaining non stop while I was in there because it was too hot, but after 20mins, I started to get used to it. It does actually feel quite good.

After a big sweat, she brought me to the ICE room. She told me, after hot room, must go to the cool room, so that your pore will be tighten and become beautiful~~~wow I will lick the ice too if I can be beautiful.

No, I didn't lick it okay.

After that, we went to feed the fishes with my yummy leg :)

See the fishes love my foot! Yum Yum.. wanna try?

This is traditional Korean Rice Honey drink. It tasted very nice and cooling.
I wish I can have this again.. mmmm...~_~

This is a common area where people lie down and rest and relax.
There's people watching TV, people sleeping, people talking, people playing can do watever you want.

Then Elly brought me to this Ultimate room. 100 degrees heat!!! OMG!! It was soooooo HOT, I have to beg Elly to let me out after 1 minute! This is crazy!! Why people can stand the heat?

There's movie theatre too. Unbelievable.
It's a small theatre and you only need to pay 1,000won which is 1AUD. Thats CHEAP!!

GYM room.. Thin!! thin!!!

This is the traditional towel hat in the Jimjilbang.
I know I look hideous. I feel I look like a baby LAMB. MMeekkhhhh...

Then we stay in this tiny heating cave, lying down, playing and chit chatting..
I feel very comfortable to be in the little cave, spending time with my friend.
I feel as though we known each other for a long time although we only get to know each other for probably 2-3months and we didn't see each other for 1 year. I really miss her now and hope to see her again really soon..She is such a nice friend to me and her family too, treat me like their daughter and lil sister! I will never forget the time we spent together in KOREA. Thank you very much Elly & family for everything.

After all that, it's time to be naked. Elly told me to take off all my clothes. I look at the room full of naked bodies walking around, I was scared and shy! WHYYYYYY.. Can I shower with my clothes on?!?!?! I asked Elly. She looked at me, she took off her clothes and walked off.
WTF!! why you leave me alone!! She turned back and told me to take off my clothes or else I will be the weird one! :( I took 1min to take off my clothes and cover with a bloody small piece of towel. Elly looked at me again and ask me to cover my face instead if I don't want anybody to know me. @!#%$^& Bloody hell bully me.

After a long super clean shower, I feel so nice and light~ and I wish to go back there again~~~
I miss KOREA~~~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First place I went in Korea...

I went to Korea 2 weeks ago on friday. I took Thai Airway.
It was my first time to take Thai Airway. It was good!
Services good, seats good, food good, air hostesses look so good~

I had this on my way to Bangkok Airport. It was surprisingly yummy! It tasted fresh!
I've been taking MAS airline alot of times but the food that MAS airline served was not as good standard as Thai Airway! MAS airline service is getting worse and worse each time. I wonder why... I wish Thai Airway can fly from KLIA to PERTH without transfer, so that i can enjoy my flight :)

This is Bangkok airport. It's huge.
I stopped at Bangkok for around 1 hour plus waiting for transit to Incheon Airport.
It was quite a long wait for me as it was around 11pm...I felt sleepy and tired.

After the 1 hour wait, I finally get into the next flight and head to Incheon.
They served us sandwich as it's not a good time for a meal at the midnight flight. Sandwich tasted good too.

About 1 hour before we touched down, we were served breakfast. I had omelette and sausage. It was not as good as the noodle, but i like the omelette, not dry at all.. i was actually juicy 0_0

After 5 and half hours flight, finally arrived Incheon airport. Feel so relieved! I hate taking plane. it makes me so stress and of cuz.. I got travel sickness, that's the most annoying part.

I was looking out the window in the plane, where is the snow? isn't it suppose to be snowing here in seoul? Nooooooo... I want snow! NOW!!! I was feeling curious but excited at the same time, it was my first time to KOREA and looking forward to see my long-time-no-see friend!

Heart was beating slightly faster than usual, took my bags from the compartment, preparing to leave the plane. I can feel the cold air when walking from plane to the building.
The cold weather makes me even more excited and nervous that makes me wanna pee! =_="

So I rushed to the toilet in the airport, get in, put down my bags and I stared at the toilet seat.

There were plastic cover all around the seat!
Hygenic! What you need to do is press the red button, then plastic will rotate anti clockwise, and there you go! One new clean seat again! WOW! Can we have this in Malaysia and Australia?!?! This is sooo cool! I want! I think my dad will love this. ehheeheh

This is the hand dryer. A woman's photo was on it. It says she is in charge of the cleanliness of the toilet. 0_0
I wouldn't want my face to be there if i'm the janitor.....-_-"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally.. I can blog again..

It's been quite a while since i last blog..
I was in Seoul for a week and I couldn't go online because it was quite inconvenient.
But now, I realise I got 600 photos in my SD card, I was wondering how am I gonna post it up to my blog! It will take me quite a while to sort out the pics.

But now, I am going to talk about a restaurant that my family brought me to yesterday. It was my brother's birthday yesterday, so they decided to go to this restaurant.

It was my 1st time to go to this restaurant, it was not too far from my house, probably about 30mins drive. It's not a fancy restaurant or fine dining, but the food was fantastic!

They ordered ginger garlic steam fish

Guinness stout pork rib. <-- this was good!
Stir fry "gam-heong" intestine. <-- Dyeammmmmm.....yummy. crunchy!
Stirfry long beans

and "sao-min" for my brother.
Sao-min is good to have it on birthdays, it meant longevity for chinese culture.

If you want to try this restaurant, here is the address. It's quite a rural area, so make sure you open your eyes really BIG to look for the restaurant :)

P/s: Do try the Roast duck, Crabs, and Pork dish. It's their signature dish.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dinner @ Home KL

My mom planned some yummy home cook food for me today.
This is something that i never had before.

Deep fry Tao pok with fish paste

Braised cabbage with fry bean curd.

Yummy roasted pork.

Spicy shredded green mango salad

and mee suah soup.

Mom's home cook food is the best. EVER!

Fibber McGees's Irish Pub, Leederville

Few days ago, Frances and Stephen brought Joe and I to Fibber Mcgee's in Leederville.

It was a nice place. Its a pub in front and restaurant at the back.

This is the front part. Pub.

This is the entrance to the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant was nice and cozy. Lot's of Irish photos.

It was a busy night for the workers there. It took them quite a while to prepare the food.
The waitresses there were very alert and polite, they apologies to us for the long wait. But we were fine, it was worth waiting actually. The food came out surprisingly good and yummy.

We ordered the Tasting Plate. It was awesome! This dish is worth waiting for.. everything in this plate was delicious! You gotto have it.

Frances had Beef Cheek with soft shell crab. Looks good.

Stephen had Lamb Shank with roast vegetable.

Joe's Guiness Stout Meat Pie. Look so yum!!!

I had Narrogin Lamb with sweet potato mash. Superb.

Overall, the service was good, food was good, atmosphere was good. But remember to book before you go there! :)

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