Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taiwan day 8

Taiwan 101

Happy new year everyone!!!!
1/1/10 :)

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Taiwan day 7

I'm too tired to type. Sorry!!!
Will update when I get back.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taiwan day 6

Left Dharma drum mountain temple yesterday and we miss it there. Very comfortable, peaceful, beautiful and the people there were so nice.

We we when to visit a famous museum. A lot of people there which makes me a bit frustrated n I can't see anything properly.

But I took some nice photos of everyone there with the building, cuz it looks very traditional n pretty.

After 1 hour of journey, we finally reach our new place to sleep.

This is the inside the building. Weird rite? It's not a hotel, not a temple. It's like in a very cheapo shopping mall. That place is sooooo dodgy!!

Look at our room! 8 people squeezing in this small room. Dirty n small. Not very happy with the place AT ALL!

What to do... Better than sleeping at the road side right.

We didn't sleep very well by the way.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Taiwan day 5

It's another tiring day but very fulfilling.

This is the girl's dorm. Sleep on the wooden bed with a thin layer of cotton bed n warm comforter.
Girl's dorm is on the west wing, Guy's dorm is on the east. Have to say, this Is more comfortable than the previous place :p

We did cleaning today. Although you may find it weird, but cleaning (sweeping) is a way for you to realise on what u want in your life. The lady actually demonstrate to us on how to sweep or mop the floor. Sweep slowly n carefully. Not like how we use to sweep, fast and rough. I got the sweeping the staircase job. I got 5 flights of staircase to sweep. Alone. Kind of scary cuz nobody was there, but I use their method n find it relaxing n not tired at all n feeling very fulfilling n not feeling WTF-y-we-cleaning. I find it peaceful in mind. Although I have meditate for 2 days but I was still talking. So for that 1 hour, without anybody with me, I felt something different.

This is our dining area. We have to queue up to get our food. Vegetarian here is very different from the one we had in San yi.iT's not as nice as The place that I had my meditation. I can feel the chef put lots of effort on cooking the food. I felt really lucky to be able to try his cooking. The best vegetarian in my life. Thank you Lai sifu for cooking such nice meals.

A bird died today while we were listening to 1 Fa Shi (monk) talking to us. The bird flew straight to the window door n bang. The glass was so clean, they had to put a sign for birds to let them know it's a glass door. Fa Shi did prayer for the bird n buried it.

The view from the temple. The whole place is very peaceful n quiet. Too bad we don't have much time to walk around ourself.

We visited monks classrooms. Look at how many computers they have! Amazing! I always thought they just need books n pen!

I learn a lot today really. I start to feel buddism is a very good religion. My family is buddist but I never pray or anything. This trip makes me see buddism differently. I think I like it. Especially this dharma drum mountain. Will blog about the man who started this. He is amazing.

This is a card that the fa Shi gave me while we all had a nice talk together. Coincidently, this is what I was thinking the whole time. Guess I should do it now.
(translation: dont just say thank you in your mind or telling others that unrelevent, show your gratitude with action) I think I translate horribly but should be correct meaning.

Anyway, we did a lot today but I can't blog about much cuz I'm using iPhone to type. Finger numb d.

Hope everybody can relax your mind and soul. Search what you want in your life and be happy.

Pardon for those crappy photos. 1st- no photo taking in the temple but I took it secretly.
2nd- it's iPhone quality. Kenot blame.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Taiwan day 4

Another whole day of meditation (5am-5pm). Very tiring.

This is my dinner. To save time, we all had our dinner on the bus. We are heading to dharma drum mountain temple. 3 hours journey. It will be freezing cold there.

My body n soul is soooo dead now. Hope I will be back to normal when I get back. =_="

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Taiwan day 3

Today is meditation day. A long one. It's so long I had nearly 20 or more dreams while meditating =_=

Meditation is quite hard to follow. To keep your mind clear is the hardest. I always fall asleep whenever my brain is clear.

While meditating, had to sit straight on the 1/3 of round cushion, cross legs correctly so you don't get your legs numb. Relax shoulder n mind.

After 10 minutes of sitting there, I look like this!

Asleep. Dreaming every 1 nod I made. Amazing. I never had so many dreams in 1 day before.

But after 1 day of meditation, I finally know n can do it. At least I didn't fall asleep for 15 min. Purely concentrating.

Tiring day.

( the photo is just a joke, I didn't meditate til like that. I just nod, the whole time :p )

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Taiwan day 2

This is our floor bed. The place is call Dharma Drum Mountain. They don't like using artificial stuff or chemical. So, we wash our plates using soda powder.

We woke up at 6am today, prepare ourselves then went straight to morning praying class for 30 minutes then have vegetarian food for breakfast. I love their vegetarian food, as u know I'm a meat person, but i think I love vegetarian food now! It's so nice! I wish I can have vegetarian food everyday!

Then we took a walk to nearby wood carving museum. It was amazing to see how people can carve something out from the tree trunk. Very interesting. Too bad photo taking is prohibited, or else I would have taken some photos to show u :)

Then after lunch, we went for a long mountain walk. Very very nice place to go to. We had a lil lesson there too. It's a heart n thought kind of lesson.

This is at the top of the mountain, tea farm.

This is what we did for today n later after dinner, we will have our 1st meditation class.

I learn something everyday here, it's not really about praying or buddhism, it's all about learning n finding yourself.

This is all about it for today. I think the sifu will keep our phones later, so I won't get to blog for few days! I don't know how am I gonna survive without my phone... Wish me luck! Hope she won't take my phone away!!! >_< - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Taiwan trip day 1

Air Asia vegetarian meal.
Didn't finish it. The vegetarian sticks taste a bit bitter. But my sis said it's not, so probably my tongue got problem :p

Taiwan airport. I'm exhausted but being a vain pot blogger I still pose. Haha

Hope I can get Internet connection soon!
-24 dec 09 10.15pm

Merry Christmas eve!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Taiwan trip LCCT

Waiting at the lcct airport at 7am =_=

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all

I will be in Taiwan tomorrow afternoon, so I won't be able to celebrate Christmas eve and day with my friends and family.

A dessert from The Honeymoon Dessert Place in 1U, without the eyes, sticks, carrot nose, hat and buttons of course :)

Hope everyone have a wonderful Christmas and don't drink and drive!!!!

Meditating on Christmas day will be my first time in my life experience XD awesome

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Happy shopping girls!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


My mom went for a cataract eye surgery yesterday at the Centre For Sight at Taman Megah.
Mom was nervous and scared at the same time and so were all of us in the family.
We all know it's only a 15 minutes job but whenever the word "surgery" came out, that word makes us worry.

Mom told me the surgery is quite scary because she was aware of what the surgeon is doing to her eye. She can see something sharp going through her eye, lots and lots of water put in her eye, and vacuuming out the top layer of cataract. It's not painful, but she can feel some pressure to her eye.

After 2 hours when we got home, mom's head getting painful, she said it feels like the head is going to explode. She was feeling uncomfortable the whole night. It was painful to see her like that because we can't do anything but just to calm her down by telling her some jokes or comfort her.

Luckily she felt a lot better today when she woke up. She look normal again. But her pain is not over yet, because she still have one more eye to go. Hopefully the next one won't be as pain as this one.

I guess after 30-40 years later, it will be my turn to experience the pain.
Can I either be young forever or be dead before all these crapz come into my life?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

KL 09 - Part 1

Hello everyone, I'm here in KL finally.
It was hot and sticky! Can't believe I started my first day with FOOD!
3am- I had Curry Rice in the flight
8am- I had some Japanese snacks
9am- Economy Rice

Then at around 12pm, I met up with my best friends and went to Chili's in Bangsar shopping mall. See how much food we had!

Lamb, platters, Fajitas, Salad and 1 huge yummilicious Choc dessert.
The portion is so huge as well and bottomless top up! gosh. It's insane.

After the lovely lunch with my friends, we went for a walk in the mall.
It was beautifully decorated.

Look at those deco! Soooo cute!!! Look how big it is compare to the humans!
We are like Alice in the wonderland~

Really in love with the deco, I was taking photos non stop. My friend actually said I look like a tourist and I'm Malaysian! Oh well, don't care. keep snappin.

Went home with a full stomach. really happy. before my stomach huv the chance to digest everything, guess what? it's time for dinner again.
The dinner is absolutely not a normal chinese dinner. Something special and probably expensive too.

Wondering whats that thing on the right? It's goose's feet! XD

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Christmas Lunch @ Balmoral, Vic Park

This post is abit late, but I still wanna to let you know, Balmoral's Christmas Lunch is awesome.

I had the Salmon Meal.

and I had some Turkey's meal too. It was sooooooo tender, juicy and yummy!!!! Oh, I miss it already!!!

The dessert was yummy too~. LOVE IT!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Luck is coming my way

My workplace had the Christmas Party at the Oxford Hotel today on the hot sunny afternoon.
Everybody is non stop drinking the icy COLD beer to cool themselves down.

So is Joe. He drank like 5-6 pines of beer.
In between the beer, can see he was getting better and better in talking to strangers!
It's my workmates, but he talk more than I do! Really salute to him, how can he talk to anyone so naturally. I will give away all my Burberry items if I can be like him one day! >_<"

This is me trying to look like I DRINK! with the two pretty ladies.

Anyway, I managed to take a shot of everybody's back cuz I will look weird if I stand right in front of them taking photos of them plus they don't know that I'm a photo taking freak.

Oh! Joe and I had won the Door Prizes too! It's unexpected!! We got the last two prizes! Although it's small prize but I believe when good things happen to you, you will have good year ahead!!! finger crossed. :)

My first creation!!! BA HU LO TI!

I 'm so proud of myself today because I created my own recipe! hahaha
It might not be original but I'm confirmed that I definitely think this shit out this morning!
Nothing fantastic. Just being creative putting all the going to expired food together and make into 1 new thing. Don't waste food mar~ :P

So, what shit did I do ey?
I did the famous Ba Hu Lo Ti (Pork floss bread) buttttt!!! with the western style French toast :P In short is Fak Lan Su Ba Hu Lo Ti .

What you need:
Going to expire Leftover Bread
Some Pork Floss
and some Mayo (or any sauce you like to go with pork floss)

First, I put the floss on the bread. Right in the middle, then put some mayo on top. Not too much cuz you need to fold it up.

Use your finger power press the edge of the bread til the sides are flat and stick together.

Cut off the crust, and press the sides again to make them secure.

Then dip in the beaten egg + abit sugar

Then Pan Fry~~~

There you go! the French Toast Pork Floss Bread!

Joe's Qoute: This proves that The lack of ingredients promotes creativity.
Meaning behind? Saying I'm creating Fan Ban Ba Hu Lo To (Pirated Pork Floss Bread)