Saturday, December 6, 2008

Zoom zoom zoom

This is my new Baby!!

Zoom zoom zoom...

This is my first owned new car. Been having pass-over and 2nd hand cars for years.
But now.. just feel unbelievable and unreal that I got a freaking NEW car!!!
I can't handle it! ehheeh.. how can I not handle it.. IT'S FREAKING NEW CAR! so high liao.. :P\

Let me show you my baby.. don't know what I'm gona name her yet. Probably I will just call her
"MY CAR" !

The interior.

Ipod Cable. Sorry, can't see the cable, too dark.

Slim line weather shield. (I used to have chunky ones..not so cool at all)
and Legal dark tinting.

A spoiler.. >:) Hot! Hot! Hot!

Alloy Wheels (Not plastic ones anymore!!!)

Beautiful engine
A big huge boot!

I can even sleep and roll in it!!!
Other than those that I've mentioned. This car got paint, vinyl, seat, boot protection and anti rust protection for the engines. Oh! and I got Safety pack as well! :)

Bye bye Nissan Pulsar Q.. I will miss you!!!!

You are my best companion for the past 4 years... take good care..
Had her on Aug 2004
Trade her in on 26th Nov 2008
Bought on 26th Nov 2008-4pm
Got it on 5th Dec 2008-4pm

After the whole night of driving.. I still can't believe that Mazda3 is mine..
Wonder how long will I get used to my new car.. ^-^

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ching∞ said...

*hugs*hugs*hugs* i share your excitement even though we are distance apart! Take good care of your babay.. dont be excited for 1 month then dont care about it anymore hor! :p hehehe.

Have fun! Loads of FUN! ;)