Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wilder Bunch @ Northbridge

Alice & I went for a stroll in northbridge after lunch last week.
This shop caught our attention.

A beautiful looking shop with beautiful looking things.

We went in and found out that they had loads of things in store.
Accessories, home decorations, games, flowers, body care product and so much more.

I met the owner of the shop and we chatted abit. Her name is Nina. She is very friendly and nice lady. Coincidently she's half malaysian! Awww.. makes me feels like home~~~

Wilder Bunch opened approx 1 year ago.
Wilder bunch is a boutique florist, selling gifts and flowers even does worldwide delivery too! Visit the website.
I love the things that she got in there, very artistic, classic and a lil quirky.

The thing I love the most is the black and white "wooden-bird" clock.
It brings back the memories of the actual size similar-looking clock back home in malaysia.
It used to chirps every hour. I really missed that clock.
It is reasonable price as well. Too bad, I only owned a room but not a house, or else i will definitely buy it!

For those who loves accessories, it's definitely worth looking at these beautiful ones she'd got.

She got lotsa funky things too. It's a good time to get these things as christmas is around the corner! Look at the black candle stand on the left! So beautiful~~~ Love it.

Nina has a good sense of design and taste. The things that she got is good quality and really good in design. The couch speaks for itself :)

Even the business card looks gorgeous!

I took a photo with her on a beautiful couch before I left the shop with pressies for my friends.

Go have a look at the shop in Northbridge. It's at the alley way at William St.

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ching∞ said...

MY GAWD.. you.. really look like a photocopy of me! *stunned*