Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Xmas Gifts

Christmas Day 25th Dec 2008
Remember the 60x50cm present that I got under the christmas tree??
Finally...I get to open this mystery present after a who-win-mahjong-who-can-open-the-present-game(3hours game). I'm actually given chances to win by Frances, Stephen and Joe because I'm a lousy-beginner mahjong player. I was so stress and sweating while playing the bloody mahjong.
Oh, forgot to show you what's in it hey!

It's a lomography camera!!!! Diana F+ the Deluxe Pack!

Isn't it awesome??
Look how many kind of lenses I got!! I'm sooooo excited when I got this. I didn't expect him to buy such a big one! I haven't started playing it yet, but I will one day.. very soon :)

What other gifts that I've got?

Two fluffy hippos from Joe too :)
This is actually a pre xmas gifts. he gave me on the 22nd Dec.
He was too lazy to wrap this up. thats why :P hehe

I got lotsa things from Frances and Stephen!
A Traveling pack - Sleeping Mask, gorgeous Toiletries bag & facial mask.
A MAC make-up classes worth $120! I can be professional make up artist for myself very soon hahahah
A Estee Lauder Gift Pack. I don't really know how to use yet, but I know I will huv beautiful skin very soon :P

Boxing Day 26th Dec 2008
As for my secret santa...

I got this! My santa must be thinking I'm a very "kayu" girl...hehehe
Kayu meaning wood in Malay language. It means Uptight.

Hippo paper clips!
This one is a very unexpected gift. I never thought that paper clips can be made into a hippo shape! This is a very nice and special gift Alice. Thanks alot! It will be kept nicely with my other Hippo collections.

I got more!
Cupcake lookalike packaging-Bikini from Jean. I love the packaging alot. Very unique!
Headband with different styles from Cecile. This is a very cool headband. I can have different kinda styles just buy twisting and changing the things around. Good for summer ;)
A beautiful silver Bookmark from Mira. I think I will put it on my head instead cuz it's too pretty to be bookmark. Kidding :P

I think that is it! A lot of presents! I hope I didn't miss out any of the presents!
I love all my presents and thank you so much! I know you guys love me! hehehe


ching∞ said...

glad to see that you have a fantastic christmas.. awesome!
merry christmas to all your friends who sincerely loves you too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you too Miss ching∞~!