Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lunch @ the PUBlican, East Vic Park

Last Friday, everybody in my department went to the Publican to have a christmas lunch.

We haven't try this place before so we thought we might give it a go since it's nearby.

The interior was nice, we all love the wall. It looked very classy.

The choices in the menu was very limited. We actually having trouble on what to order for ourselves. But they will change the menu every week, so i guess it's okay then.

For drinks, I ordered Lemon Lime and Bitters.

As for others, they all had white wine.

I can't have even a sip of wine, because I will feel sleepy after having it. Then I won't get any work done! So I had to be a child for few hours :)

Thai Beef Green Salad.
Annette ordered this because she doesn't want to have heavy lunch as she's not really hungry.
She said it was good.

Steak Sandwich
150g sirloin steak in a warm crusty roll with tomato, lettuce, cheese, caramelised
onion and aioli with Belgium fries

Brooke's lunch was huge! She's usually a small eater during lunch time. I can see she was struggling to finish her sandwich hahaha

Fish & Chips
Beer battered fish goujons with homemade chips traditional tartare sauce and fresh lemon wedges.
Tony's Fish & chips looks good and alot too!

Chicken Risotto
Christine's dish look so yum! Must be good, because she's the first one who finishes the food!

Lamb Shank

Judy was having trouble deciding what to have at 1st, then she saw this on the menu and ordered it.
Good choice Judy. Huge lamb you got there.

Seafood Risotto.
The flavour was excellent. But it was too much for lunch.

Everything was good. I hope that they will have a lunch menu instead of just having Mains as the portion is quite big and it was abit pricey.

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