Sunday, December 7, 2008

Japanese Class Outing Night

I went for our Japanese class Shintaro farewell/thank you sensei/jackson birthday party.

This is what I wore yesterday. Damn hot yesterday, had to wear a more cooling dress.

This is Junko sensei and Shintaro-san.
Shintaro is leaving Perth to Osaka for good.
He is Junko sensei lil helper. He came to our class for fun and teaches us Japanese.
They are both nice and friendly. We all love them alot!

One of the classmate, her name is Cecilia, plan the whole outing by herself.
She sort out the gifts, book the dinner place, book the karaoke room, the photo frames, contact everyone and more.
As for me, I did the photo, take everyone's photos, and chip in money :P
Good enough rite haha...

Anyway, while we were waiting for our dishes to come, we gave Junko Sensei and Shintaro the gifts from us.

Junko Sensei was so happy when she recieve the present. She told us this is the first time she recieved such a big present from students! She said that usually her students give her chocolates and some other smaller gifts.

We gave her the foot spa massage & the photo frame with the photo(below) and she loves it! Apparently she wanted to buy it long time ago but she didn't have the chance. So, it's good!

We got Shintaro a Australia Hat and a photo frame with our message to him and our funny faces.

Everyone was really happy to see their funny faces in the photo! Cuz no one knows that I was gonna compile it and print it out this way. All of them wants a copy of it! I am very happy that it turns out well :D

Finally, after the long wait..

Garlic bread~

and my meal..

Fish of the day.

I couldn't finish everything. It was too huge! The mash potato is like mountain! Really feel like dying eating that thing..

After dinner, we all went to Utopia for karaoke. Surprisingly there were alot of them never been to karaoke. They were quite shy at 1st but after like 30 minutes, they were all singing!!

We took a group photo before we left at 11pm.

I guess this will be our last outing as everyone will be going to different classes and going different places. I will never forget them. :)

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