Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dinner @ Jackson's, Beaufort St, Highgate

Last Thursday, Frances brought Joe and I to a restaurant in Highgate.

Jacksons has won a number of awards in the food industry. I was looking through their website. It was very impressive.

When we got there, we were greeted by friendly waiters and professionally served. The waiters and waitresses had their gloves on all the time while they were serving. It was an exciting experience for me that night. I was served as if I was from rich family and a lazy ass who doesn't do any housework or cooking at home :P I felt like I was a "high-class" person that night hahaha..

The menu was excellent. There were a lot of choices and everything sounded so good. My mouth was drooling while I was looking at the menu.
One of the special things about this restaurant was the Dego Special. Which was the Tasting menu.

It was 7 different 'just-right & yummy' dishes that you get to have. Those 7 dishes are all from the normal Ala carte menu, but they were all cut down to a smaller portion, so you get to taste everything and you still feel full at the end of the dinner.

Its good for people like me who likes to try a lil bit of this and that, and not just 1 dish each time.

Obviously, I ordered the Dego, as for Joe and Frances, they ordered from the ala carte menu.

I had French Martini for myself.

French Martini

It was a excellent cocktail. The flavour was just right.
I've tried martinis from other places before and they were horrible.
I will definitely order this again. 2 Thumbs up to the person who made this drink.

We were served different flavoured buns, sesame crackers and cheese sticks before the entree.

No kidding, it was the-most-normal-looking-but-tasted-fantastic buns, crackers and cheese sticks!

(1) On the house: Tasmanian Salmon with Green Pea Sorbet served in a Wafer cone.

This came while Frances and Joe having their bread.

Below was one of the dishes from the Dego.

(2) Chicken liver parfait, drunken chicken & cherries.

This should be the first time in my life that I ate so much Chicken liver at one go.
When I was in Malaysia, I never even wanted to touch it! I just felt the texture was weird.
Fortunately, the way they made the liver was different and I couldn't feel the texture of it.
So, it was good.

While I was having my entree, Frances and Joe had theirs as well.

Frances' entree: Seared WA scallops, pea risotto & crackling.

Joe's entree: Tiger Prawns, macaroni cheese and cognac sauce.

(3) My second entree: Crab & avocado

This dish was well balanced. The crispiness of the soft-shell crab, the freshness of the crabmeat and the avocado was fantastic. Not too sure what other ingredients in it were, but I felt the crunchyness of the prawns in there too.
omg.. im craving for that now... -_-

Joe and Frances's 2nd entree: Alcoholic Orange Sorbet.

(4) Fish in pancetta, vanilla potato mash, squid & parsley salad
This was one of dishes from the Dego menu.

Little pieces of fresh chewy squid made the whole dish lively and fun. Very clever.

(5) On the House: Shredded Duck and Jelly fish.
This is a very oriental flavour kind of dish. Beautifully presented and professionally cooked.

(6) Roast pork belly, scallops & chorizo with saffron braised chick peas

I was laughing to myself when I saw the tiny lil piece of pork in the middle of the dish they served. I was thinking "wow.. that was the tiniest pork I've ever eaten in my life!" (I'm a greedy person, i know :P)

But I had to admit, It was actually the right size. You won't want to have a bigger piece when you actually have a few more dishes to eat!
Chick peas: nothing special about it I think.
Pork: Meat was tender, crackers was just nice but a little bit too salty.
Scallop: Excellent! It was well done! Freshness was sealed perfectly.

While I was having those yummy dishes, Frances and Joe's main dishes were served as well.

Fish in pancetta, vanilla potato mash, squid & parsley salad

Roast pork belly, scallops & chorizo with saffron braised chick peas

It was the same as mine from the Dego menu, but Frances and Joe ordered it from the ala carte menu, that is why the portion size was different from mine.

As for side dish, they ordered potato mash, truffle oil & bacon.

This is one @#$% nicest tasting mash potato in my life!
So creamy! So smooth!! So yummy!!! (Joe: "At least one block of butter in there man")

The restaurant was decorated with these beautiful Poinsettias.
It is my sister's favourite. I have no idea why she likes it so much.
Once I saw these, I just wanna take a photo of it and show it to my sister :)

(7)Main: Beef fillet, venison loin, crushed peas, béarnaise & gravy
I had no idea how to express myself after I had a bite of the beef fillet. It was the nicest beef that I've ever eaten in my life! I'm talking about the way they cooked the beef. I felt texture was different from the beef fillets from other restaurants.

If you are tasteless and blind, you will think that you are eating a nice big thick piece of salmon! It was so tender and just melts in your mouth!

I always thought it was funny whenever I watch the TV shows about food. They always said "it melts in your mouth" and give you this estacy looking face after they took a bite of the meat.
Well, now I understand! and I've tried it!
Finally it's time for dessert.

(8)Cropwell bishop stilton, cumquat & chocolate
I can't give any comment about this, because I'm not a fan of blue cheese.
But Joe ate all of it (as usual, I give all the food that I don't like or can't finish to him. He's just like a rubbish bin on the table, very useful I must say). So, I guess it was nice?

Joe had the Tea & things.
They served this cute lil tea set and cute tea leaf bag. How cute!
With below.

Alcoholic Chocolate sauce, Fruit mince pie, fruit trifle and a chocolate brownie.

I loved the fruit trifle. It was suitable for summer and tangy flavour. so yum!

(9) Earl grey ice cream parfait, orange salad & kahlua cream puffs

It was yum and nicely made. I think it will be better if the cream in the puffs were a little bit colder.

The presentation of this dish was excellent!
The cone actually had ice cream under the wafer.
It was the best dinner ever in my life! Come to think of it, I actually had 9 types of food instead of 7 from the menu. It was good.. :)

We were all so full after all that, we just wanted to go home and sleep!
Eat and sleep. Pig's Wey of life. eheheh
Do go to Jacksons' and sample their food if you get the chance, you won't be dissappointed.

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ching∞ said...

wow.. FINE DINING! cool Cool.. food looks great! yummy! too bad didnt see what you guys were dressing though ;)

Jo Serwey said...

Wore dress lo.. hahaha
wat else can we wear :P
joe had his coat on. look so gaya

ching∞ said...

thats why i say la.. too bad you guys didnt take photo! I wanna see! ggrrr!

Jo Serwey said...

i did took some pics of us.. but u know.. i dun wanna make it a highlight wat.. u know ler.. we all so nice looking :P
I just want it to be a food post.. thats all ehehe