Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas lunch @ office

2 days ago, graphics team had a small christmas lunch together.

We had champagne~

cold meat-cheese-anti pasto platter (868 cafe) with turkish bread and salad (coles)~

and mudcake (cheesecake shop) pavlova (coles) ~

It was nice to have a small nibble lunch together when we were stressing about work which piled up like mountain that never stops!
The food was nice, i like it when I had the cheese and i-duno-what-kinda meat put together with the turkish bread. yum yum.

After eating, we all had secret santa~
Excited moment~~~~ we did a lucky dip for the names. So I think everybody must be wondering who get the pressie for them!
Well i am still guessing who is my secret santa, judging by the writing on my card :P

( writing this half way, Brooke & Christine asked "I was wondering who is my secret santa!" O_O After a 5mins discussion, we all know who was our secret santa now. -_- haha not a secret anymore!)

I got Italian recipe book from my secret santa! Now I can have pasta everyday and growing side ways everyday too!! hehe

It was a nice day altogether. I love christmas~

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