Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chilli Christmas Tree

I was helping Joe doing gardening yesterday and I saw this dried hopeless skinny chilli tree branch lying on the ground.

I picked it up and I told the stick "Don't worry skinny branch! You will be pretty in no time!"
The skinny stick looked at me and with tears saying "Thank you master~you are very kind~"

So I went to Red Dot, found a glass and some white stones. I thought to myself, they will be very happy if they know the branch, stones and glass are going to be together. They are perfect match!

After putting them together, I digged out some old decorations to beautify the skinny branch.

With bells, stars, rudolph and snowman, skinny Chilli tree branch is now A Beautiful White Christmas Tree.


ching∞ said...

Dearie sis.. are you on pills or .. hence the creativity? :p

Jo Serwey said...

drank too much coke :P