Friday, November 21, 2008

Printer can make beautiful art too!!!

Brooke was printing cards for our christmas party using laser colour printer at the workplace.
We were using a slightly thicker cardboards and that stuffed the printer up.

The paper comes out like this!
(we printed at least 5-6 pieces, 3-like the above, 3-was jammed in the printer)
Lousy printer.... -_-

Then I thought... wow.. this patch of shit can be an art piece!!!

It can be background for anything! for handphones, screen, designs, and wherever you want it to be if you like the shades of red!

Hmm... I feel like printing other colours now.. hehehehe..
(maybe I can officially stop the printer from printing and get a new LASER PRINTER >:) )

and have the whole collection of it!!!! Multicolour!!!!! :) Happii~~

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