Friday, November 7, 2008

Physically Exhausted Day

Today is a fully work-out day for me.
I was having fun when I was at work today. We all (my colleagues & I) decided to have spring cleaning and rearrange the tables and seating around. Good Feng Shui neh....

I had to wear mask due to sinus.

We started doing our cleaning and rearranging around 1030am and end at 4pm.
It's good that we did the cleaning, because the whole place was so dusty!!!
Now the office is clean and everybody has their own lil corner. I love it!

Tomorrow, I will go to the shop and buy a christmas tree and decorations to decorate the office! Can't wait!

After cleaning, moving heavy tables and carry those G5 macs around..I went to gym, run on a treadmill and 30mins hard core weight lifting.. then.. dinner.. then karaoke to scream my lungs out. Now thats what I call physically exhausted.

My body will be sore and my voice will be gone tomorrow.

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