Sunday, November 2, 2008

Northbridge Festival II-Part II 2008

This was what I've done yesterday. I was too tired to blog about my second part of my Northbridge outing yesterday night, so I am going to do it now. Hehehe

I took a picture of the beautiful sunset in Perth while I was in the car.

and a picture of the Perth City's buildings while we are on our way to Northbridge to have our dinner in Tansawa Tei.

This was our first time dining in Tansawa Tei, I was impressed by the interior and the good services. Never thought this place was good because of the not-so-good-looking shop from the outside. But inside was nicely done.

Surprisingly they were not overly priced which is good.

We ordered the Sushi Moriawase

Assorted nigiri and maki zushi.

Tori no Kara-age

Succulent bite size pieces of chicken marinated in sake and soy sauce, tossed in seasoned flour and lightly deep fried with fresh salad and potato-cucumber mash. (Tasted exactly like the salad that you'd made je) ^_^

Miso soup

Kaki no miso yaki

This is my favourite!
It's japanese oysters with special soy bean paste with fresh salad.

Must try this. Really good.

After the good meal, we took a walk to Northbridge Festival again (for me) hehe..

The event was slightly different from the afternoon.
There were concerts, dangeruss show, rap stage and..

The Silent Disco, where the crowd each got 1 headphone, choose a channel that you like, and dance! It's weird, but it's cool and funny at the same time.

There were some decorative items displayed on that night.

The Giant disco ball right in the middle of the street. Pretty nice.

The Dog who ate that person who was trying to feed him with bone. I guess?

I don't know what this was but it looked nice.

Last but not least, ME with the 2008 Northbridge Festival banner.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this place no longer exists

Anonymous said...

Tansawa Tei is closed.