Saturday, November 1, 2008

Northbridge Festival 2008

Today was the last class of our pole intermediate. Happy~

We went to Northbridge and had Vietnamese food.
Leen ordered the weirdest drink ever.

Egg, milk, orange & soda water. But surprisingly tasted quite good!

I had Lychee with jelly. I love lychees...

Joe had Vietnamese Coffee.

Rice noodle with raw beef.

Broken Rice, pork chop, fried egg, another kind of fried egg. very yummy.

After lunch, Leen and I went to Northbridge for a short walk while Joe and Frances went for groceries shopping.
We didn't know the Northbridge Festival starts so early! I thought it was at night and I was so excited to see the stalls were open and lotsa artsy fartsy stuff! Most of them are hand made. Very original. I love them.

This is the beginning of the Northbridge Festival.

The Northbridge Festival has a combination of everything in stalls, activities, galleries. Featuring local artist, collectors, retailers, designers and fashionistas of the future.

This one is Original. They uses 2 baskets, stack it up top to top and there you go! A nice plastic lantern.

The first stall we went to, the Total Exposure Exhibition. All kinds of photos taken by the photographers from Northbridge.

This is one of the interesting ones :P

The Handmade dolls..

Aren't they cute?!?!? I want one!

Saw this in between the stalls.. wondered what that was all about..

"Talk to me"... about what i think...

I walk around this thing.. and i saw this...

Omg.. a Confession booth! hahahaha let me think.. what do I wanna confess about... on a bright sunny day, lotsa people walking around... hmm... I don't think anybody will confess anything in public :P

There's a Palm Reading stall. Its not bad at all for just $20. Just for the fun of it.
It's interesting to know what are those lines is on your palm... :)

There were hand drawn books and comics. It's really really cool! I admire those artists who can draw so well, and so consistently. It's just amazing when you look at the books that they sell. It's only $5 bucks. I am buying one tomorrow to support them!

There are some stalls that sell figurines and clothings.

Another awesome handmade product. I didn't get to see what the name of the stall was. I was too scared to lift up my head, it's my fault, I was happily snapping pictures without their consent and the owner of this shop was not really happy about it. So he told me not to take photos anymore.
I did apologize to him, but then I felt so bad after that. Well, at least i'm not using it for commercial purposes.. i can assure you of that! Well, I hope he will have good business, because the things that he made were very creative and detailed.

One of the handmade product using vinyl. A 3 tier Cupcake holder and salad bowl.

I love this one. If I had a house, I would definitely buy this. It's so retro!

This is another cool one. purses made from cardboard cartons. All hand made! It's so cool!

For those who are nuts~

and those guitar freaks.. hehe

That was not the end of northbridge festival, there was more to see and shop for.

But Leen had to study, so we headed home earlier to get some rest.
I am definitely going there again. Tonight or tomorrow.

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i want to go i want to shop i want to eat i want to be there!