Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lunch @ Red Cray, Great Eastern Hwy

Went to have lunch with my godma and ah Thong uncle. They are going back to Malaysia today, so we had lunch today at Red Cray. The restaurant is not far from my house, probably only about 10mins drive.

Red Cray is a seafood and grill restaurant. From what I heard from Joe, it wasn't that good when he dined there few years back. So I prepared myself for a not-so-good food. :P

When we stepped into the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly staff and immediately served! I was quite impressed with the service and I have to tell you, the food was excellent!
We found out that the restaurant was bought over by new owner, that's probably answered everything.

We had Kilpatrick and Garlic Bread for Entree.

Grilled with the perfect blend of bacon, worcestershire, ketchup and tabasco.

The garlic bread is soft and the garlic spread is not oily and not over powering at all. I love it.

Joe had Pollo Risotto.
It's tender chicken, mushrooms, spinach and blue vein cheese in a cream base topped with thyme oil infusion.
To be honest, this dish is very creamy, thick and filling! Joe was struggling to finish his Risotto.

I had the Prawn and Scallop Provolone.
Scallops & prawns in gremolata drizzled with truffle oil served with a timbal of wild mushroom and provolone cheese.
It was absolutely tasty-delicious-divine-appetizing-heavenly yummy dish! Looks very little, but trust me, I was surprisingly feeling full after eating that!

I have to show you again :P

My Godma had Snapper.
Grilled fillet on a bed of stor-fried egg noodles with lime, ginger, chilli and kecap manis.
My Godma said it was very nice. I can't say anything much about this dish because I didn't try it.

Ah Thong uncle had the Lamb Cutlets.
Pan-fried Amelia Park cutlets on wild rocket, beetroot, roasted macadamia nuts and crumbled fetta with balsamic glaze and jingilli olive oil.
Yum Yum. Will try this next time.

After the delicious lunch, Joe and I brought them to Westfield Carousel to shop because Godma didn't have the chance to shop or buy any souvenir for her family. We had 1 hour to shop before we all head to air port.

It was a nice day other then I had to rush to my Japanese class after sending them off and Jess FFK me because she totally forgot our meeting up session. ( Jess you owe me one hehe)

But overall, I had a busy and nice day with the cold and rainy day. Tomorrow is my office's spring cleaning day!!! Gona clean clean clean and moving things around. Can't wait!!


ching∞ said...

my god.. since when you can write such great description of the food?! blardy .. now im damn hungry!!
I dont care, when I'm there, you and joe are taking me there! :p

Jo Serwey said...

Hey, don't keep saying "when i'm there, when i'm there". Must do it la!!! i wait until neck long d!