Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dinner @ Hana BBQ

Last thursday, Joe and I and a few friends went to newly opened Korean bbq restaurant in Northbridge,it is call Hana BBQ.

Previously was owned by Borocco, but the business went down, so it closed down.
Hana BBQ bought over and closed the one in canning highway.
It is double storey and location is good.

Wide selection of meat, seafood, soup, salad and dessert!

I quite like korean food. As long as there is kimchee :P

It was not expensive too. We pay about 39bucks per person and all you can eat.

After dinner, we went to have a drink at leederville. Next to Luna cinema.

It's a small and nicely decorated cafe/pub.

There is a fireplace in the angry man's mouth and fake painted book shelves.

Antique looking walls and retro looking couch.


and I had cascade premium light beer.

I quite like this place.
Like the interior, like the atmosphere, like the friendly staff.


Yesterday morning, Frances and I had a haircut in the city.
After haircut, we went to a place call 44, King st.

The restaurant look modern and nice ambience.

A lot of people go there to have coffee and a piece a cake. Apparently they do take-away cakes, bread and biscuits. I didn't look at that section because it was quite crowded.

They sell olive oil too, to go with the bread.

Frances had the Lousiana 'creole' shrimps and Grits
I hope I wrote it correctly.

and I ordered
Slow roasted pork belly, Priguant Prawn Sambal & baked yam ( I think they gave me sweet potato).
It's super yummy! MUST TRY! The taste is just amazing.. sweet but sour and a little bit of spices.. drool~
I wanna have that again!
Looks like my Lose weight plan has gone to the dump :P
What can I do rite? have to accept the fact that Food lover can never be thin and slim.

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