Saturday, November 8, 2008

Japanese Festival - Bunka Sai

Alice brought me to Bunka Sai today at Japanese Primary School, Deanmore St, Scarborough yesterday and it was great fun! (She knows I'm a Japan freak)

I was so excited and delighted on that day, I can't even sleep deeply!
There are Japanese everywhere & Japanese food, Japanese books, Japanese mochi, Japanese everything!!! ^-^

The Japanese Primary school kids did these using cardboards, very nice!

There were a lot of different stalls. There are a few non-japanese stall which were selling cakes and sports wear. But I think most of it were Japanese stalls.

This is the cake stall.

There were lotsa mochi stalls!

This is one of them.

Dango. When we were there, they can't sell it to us because there is a rule, which is no stall can start selling things before the opening ceremony. So I didn't get to buy this when I got there because all sold out...

A stall that sell most of the fried food. Croquette.
I took a short video of the opening ceremony by the primary school student. They are so cute!
I was surprise to see half of the kids there are "Austrasian". Australian man married a Japanese woman. The outcome? A Damn Kawaii & beautiful big eyes kid!!!

There are more but the position where i'm taking from is not a good angle, so I had to crop the rest of the video off.

Japanese Children magazine.

Japanese Bread.
They sell sweet potato bread, choc bread and lots more. I got 3 of them.

The turtle looking bread(above), choc twist and sweet potato bread.

Mochi and me. ^-^

I had Red bean paste and walnut mochi. Very nice.

I saw this funky little Japanese girl wearing sunglasses. Giving me the "Yo, wats up dude" look. So cute!!

Okonomiyaki - Japanese Pancake stall.

It was the best okonomiyaki I ever had! So so nice!!!

Let me introduce to you my lebbit with 3 ears~ from the Mars...
I bought this for 50cents :P

Alice's Takoyaki cute guys. I reckon this stall had the longest queue of all.
We didn't get to try this.. sad sad..

Soba and Ramen Noodle stall.

I prefer the ramen ones.

There were a mobile zoo. They brought in Koala, wombat, baby crocodile and snake.
The wombat look a little bit like a pig. Don't you think so?
Mochitsuki- the traditional mochi-pounding ceremony

I felt like i'm in Japan.
After a few hours under the sun, we decided to go to the shed and have a rest.
There were a few things in there. One of them was Origami!

The Japanese Girl taught me how to make a Santa Claus! She is very friendly and giggles everytime. So cute.

After Origami, we tried this. standing on the stick thingy. I don't know what's this call but it was really hard! I can't stand on this by myself, I had to ask the Japanese girl to help me!

We bought Onigiri from a stall. Why did I buy this? Well, it was because I find it interesting on the packaging itself.

Ume Onigiri. Ume is a type of preserved plum which tasted abit sour and salty.
It's good for summer.

Alice got the Salmon Onigiri.

At the side of the packet, they teach you how to open the plastic and how to put the seaweed onto the rice without touching it. It's really cool!

I bought 1 whole big pack of this because they don't sell it individually. I bought the corn flavour. It tastes good!
You must be thinking.. it's all food again!
No no... I bought non-food too.. hehehehe

I bought a Japanese famous anime book to practice my Japanese reading for just 50cents! I was so shock when I heard that from the seller.
A Chibi maruko chan clock for 2 bucks.
A pink 2 tier bento box for 1 dollar!
The one on top of the bento box is ume candy.
A bargain right!!! Love love love it!!!!

Thanks to Alice, I get to see so much and enjoyed so much in the Festival. I love it when a japanese talk to us in japanese and we look at them with a O_o" face :P Fun! hahaha
I want to go there again next year!!!!

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