Saturday, November 29, 2008

In the Christmas Mood...

Although it was just November, but I'm already in the Christmas mood! I've started decorating the christmas the accompany of Christmas songs.. *I wish its snowing outside the house* hehe..

I found some cute ornaments in the box.. I love the Rudolph~

The big shiny ribbon~

This is the christmas tree that I've decorated, I still need some other decorations to go with it..

gona shop or decorations tomorrow!!!! ^-^

I was feeling so happy, that I must have something in my mouth!!
I had Tiramisu~ It's a product of Italy that I bought from Coles.
It tasted very nice, in fact, it was better tasting compared to one of the cake shop that I bought the tiramisu from..
Its a packet of 2 small tubs of tiramisu. It's not that expensive too, it was on special this week for $3.99. It's yum!

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