Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gardening Day

Joe planned to do gardening today if the weather is good.
Today fortunately was a nice sunny-windy day today. A good day for gardening.

I was under the tree and saw the beautiful cotton cloud sky.

Limes on the ground.
While Joe was doing gardening, I was abit of a lazy arse.. not doing gardening much but snapping pictures of everything in the garden.

Joe found this big fat spider hiding at the corner of the outside wall.
Australia is a place which full of spiders. Loads of different kind of spider. I hate spiders.. they looks poisonous and creepy.

Then I found these colourful trees next door! Pink, Orange, Purple and Green trees!! all together! Look so nice.
The picture was cropped off because of the fence :P

Beautiful Purple flowers tree...

There are lots of snails in the backyard. LOTS!!! If I have time, just for picking up the snails from the backyard, I think I can have 1 whole bucket of it!

and I played with the snail for a while.. hehehe.. torturing cute!

Half dead aloe vera plant.....

Conquered by spider webs...

Found more spider...White spider!!! Never seen a white spider in my life!
This one is beautiful.

I know I know.. taking photos is not gardening at all...
I did help around with the gardening okay...

I pulled out the weeds.. took photos.. swipped the dry grass to one side and found insects.. took photos.. water the plans.. took photos..cangkul-ing the bloody grass.. took photos..more again.. See! I did something.
Well, what we were actually doing was...

To make the trees from this...

to this! We did 3 of them! and there are 5-6 more trees that needs to be done.

Those grass was a bloody long and strong weeds! We had to chop them, then sit down and slowly pull all out by hand, under the sun. (I got sun burn liau)
This machine is to shred the branches into small chips.

It was quite a noisy machine.
It took us probably 7 hours to dig out 3 dead trees + dig the weeds out from the 3 alive trees.
Cool eh?

I was cutting the little dead branches out from one of the fruit tree. Then Joe found this.....

EGGS!!! I don't know which insects lay these eggs, but ewwww... KILL EM!!!!
o_O Somehow the look like sago....


Look! I got myself 2 Lady bugs! Hehehe.. in the container now..

I remember I used to have lady bugs in a small container when I was in primary school.. They look so cute and tiny!! But I always let them free after 1 or 2 days.. because I don't want them to die in my container! >:)

We decided to call it a day at 6.30pm because Frances started to feel hungry already. So we packed up everything and had a good cold shower..

We head to Hawkers cuisine and ordered
Butter Prawn

Steamed Cod Fish

and Scallop Steamed Chicken. Nothing fancy, just "cheng dam" dishes..which is good for us.
After dinner, we walked to Regal on Roe Restaurant to say hi to Sa Gim, Sa gu and Ah ma. They came from malaysia for 10 days holiday trip. Feels good to see my relatives here, it makes me feel like I'm in malaysia.. Can't wait to go back to Malaysia for CNY, spend time with my family and friends.

After that, Frances, Joe and me went to Pot black. Pool time... hehehe..
I won 1 game.. not too bad :P

My day ended with a smile on my face.. :)
How was yours?


ching∞ said...

MY GOD! YOU! PLayed with the snails?! ayo.. you ah.. you think you are 2 years-old meh?! :p

btw nice work with the gardening! oh ya love your lime picture.. pls make it into poster and give it to me! :p hehehehehe!

ching∞ said...

Eh budden after looking at it again, i think your lime photograph will make a nice angpow!

the headline: 'YOUR 2008 ANGPOW'


Jo Serwey said...

hahaahahah I can!!! make us some big big ang pao and give to papa and mummy to put money in for us! :P

aiya.. the snails so slow ma.. i help her abit lo :P i think she quite like it, she got fren to play with haahahahah

ching∞ said...

If it's angpow that we give papa & mommy to use it as our angpows, please ensure the size of the angpow is BIG enough to put MORE moolahh!


Jo Serwey said...

ahahhaah dont worry. i will know what to do ... heheheeh >)