Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enjoying Sunday

I had a nice Sunday yesterday. I went out shopping in the city with Eileen today.
Before we started our shopping spree, we had lunch at Poppo in the city, Barrack St.
Poppo is a Japanese and Korean cuisine restaurant.

It gets quite busy during lunch and dinner time.

Eileen ordered Bibimbap.

I ordered Kimchi Chigae. A hot and spicy, Pork and vegetarian dish. mmm.... I love kimchi~

Joe and I went there few days ago when we were shopping for christmas presents in the city actually. I find it quite good and price are reasonable, so I brought Eileen there for her to try.
When I was there with Joe, we tried the Kimchee pancake as entree.

It's a must for me to try the kimchee pancake if they have it in the menu in any Korean restaurant.
It's a way for me to know whether the restaurant is good or not. No matter what restaurant that I went to, I will always order something that is common for the first time to try. If they can't even make a common dish nice, then I might not even consider to go back at all. It's just a waste of time. Don't you agree?

I ordered Ojingoh Pokkum (squid) for myself.
It's stir fried squid and vegetables with spicy sauce.
It was delicious. I love it! It's a sweet and a little chilli dish.

Joe had the Dynamite Roll.

A Sushi that explodes! BOOM! kiddin.
I'd tried 1 bite of this, tasted quite nice actually, but the weird part is...
the sushi was actually warm.... ( Aren't sushi suppose to be abit cold? )

After our lunch, we begin our shopping journey..
We shopped for clothings for hours. The first thing that Eileen bought was a 2009 Diary.
Why? She said she wants to be a better person next year! She wants to see improvements on her studies, ASIA club, friendship and TIMING... I guess.. she needs a watch too :P
Well, let's see how much will she change for the NEW year 2009!

She bought a few pieces of tops too! Good on her! She seldom bought that much whenever we went out. Usually I'm the one who bought clothes where she is actually the one who needs it. But today, finally!! She bought a few! Unbelievable...Good job leen.

After a few hours of walking, we were both soo tired and sleepy! So we decided to go home and rest. I took her home then I headed home as well straight after that.

As soon as I reach home, I put down everything and went to the backyard. Joe was cleaning the shed and rearranging the packets of seeds that his father bought few years ago.

I was so excited to see the packets of seed! There were lots of them!!
Joe asked me if I want to plant something in the pot. So, I said yes!
He taught me step by step on planting seeds. It's not difficult, but it was really interesting and I learnt new things.

Joe took a few pieces of stones, to block the holes in the pot.
He told me it's to prevent the sand from falling out when I pour in the sand.

Break the lump of sand before planting.

thats what happen when you are not concentratin...
sand.. poured over you feet.

water the sand until it is moist.

These were the seeds that I planted.

Firstly, poke some holes for the seeds..

Carefully take out the seeds, because they are very very small...

Then.. put into the hole and cover it up with sand.

There you go! I planted parsley, corriander, capsicums, and Petunia!!
Why Petunia.. because I'm in Petunia class when i was in high school :)

As for the dinner, Sa Gim and Ah Ma gave me a few packets of this..

So I thought I might give it a go, since they said it was VERY VERY NICE AND DELICIOUS.
They purposely brought it all the way from Malaysia. So, I must TRY! :)

This is the pot of curry laksa soup with tao pok and fish cakes.
Tadaa.... My bowl of curry laksa.
Ingredient... Meehoon, yellow noodle, prawns, chicken, egg, tao pok, fish cakes, long beans.
The result: I can't finish my bowl of laksa because I was too greedy. Oh, tasted quite nice, but it was not spicy enough.

Dessert.. hehehehe I had the lemon & lime cake.
Joe had the coffee and rum cake.
I can't sit and stand properly after all that. -_-

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ching∞ said...

wahh.. busy sunday. make sure you take good care of the plants! ;)