Sunday, November 2, 2008

Candy Cult

Candy Cult is a character art exhibition. In Artrage, breadbox Gallery, Northbridge.

Drawn from a diverse range of media including graphic design, street art, illustration, comics and animation.

It was a very interesting exhibition where you get to see all these excellent work from the designers.

There was once about 2 years ago, my work was up there, on the same wall, I was speechless.. seeing faces from the strangers looking at your own design, it just makes you feel... so GOOD....

I love these characters.. they are cute and scary in some ways.

Like this one for example.

A cute girl with bloody legs and hands! half skeleton and her brain stick out from her head!
No words to describe this.

One of my favourite character...

I think we lookalike :P (photoshopped)

I sort of forced Joe to do this with me :P
Joe is the Skeleton girl, and I'm the sexy semi-naked-holding-a-cross-for no-reason blonde girl!


ching∞ said...

wah you lost weight woh.. so is Joe.. look great you both! and i like your top! nice! suits you :)

show la the work which was up there.. no pictures ka?

Jo Serwey said...

i don't know where i put d :P huv to dig out my disc :P

u know why my top is nice?? its lacoste la... ahahahha