Saturday, November 15, 2008

Button chair

Yesterday I took 1 office chair home from work.
No, I'm not a thief! My manager asked us to take it home because we got new-comfortable-bigger office chairs!

This is the similar looking chair that I took from work.
(I had to get this pic from the website because my mac corrupted my camera disk! Bloody mac.)

They had been using the chair for few years.. I don't know how long..probably 5yrs or more? Not too sure. But anyway, it's not a clean chair anymore. I'm quite a bacteria-paranoid kinda person. So I spray it with anti-bacteria spray, a good clean wipe and decided to cover it with a clean cloth and sewn it on by hand!


It's a light green t-shirt material kind of cloth.
Leftovers from aunty's sewing hobby :P

After sewing the cloth on it, I find it really boring and plain...
So, I added buttons that I bought 2 years ago!

I know it looks abit weird haahhaha

But I like it! :P I love the multi colours buttons!

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