Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dinner @ Hana BBQ

Last thursday, Joe and I and a few friends went to newly opened Korean bbq restaurant in Northbridge,it is call Hana BBQ.

Previously was owned by Borocco, but the business went down, so it closed down.
Hana BBQ bought over and closed the one in canning highway.
It is double storey and location is good.

Wide selection of meat, seafood, soup, salad and dessert!

I quite like korean food. As long as there is kimchee :P

It was not expensive too. We pay about 39bucks per person and all you can eat.

After dinner, we went to have a drink at leederville. Next to Luna cinema.

It's a small and nicely decorated cafe/pub.

There is a fireplace in the angry man's mouth and fake painted book shelves.

Antique looking walls and retro looking couch.


and I had cascade premium light beer.

I quite like this place.
Like the interior, like the atmosphere, like the friendly staff.


Yesterday morning, Frances and I had a haircut in the city.
After haircut, we went to a place call 44, King st.

The restaurant look modern and nice ambience.

A lot of people go there to have coffee and a piece a cake. Apparently they do take-away cakes, bread and biscuits. I didn't look at that section because it was quite crowded.

They sell olive oil too, to go with the bread.

Frances had the Lousiana 'creole' shrimps and Grits
I hope I wrote it correctly.

and I ordered
Slow roasted pork belly, Priguant Prawn Sambal & baked yam ( I think they gave me sweet potato).
It's super yummy! MUST TRY! The taste is just amazing.. sweet but sour and a little bit of spices.. drool~
I wanna have that again!
Looks like my Lose weight plan has gone to the dump :P
What can I do rite? have to accept the fact that Food lover can never be thin and slim.

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Quokka Christmas Dinner (Company Dinner)

I attended my company's Christmas Dinner at Burswood yesterday.
It was an enjoying night!

Food was so good. Lots of choices and tasted good! Everybody had a few rounds of drinks too. They all were so hyper that night.

It was a buffet type of dinner. Unlimited. Free flow of wine and beer.

Every table have buns, chocs, and bon bons for everybody.

Lindor~~ mmmm :)

The food was nicely presented. There were 2 sections, 1 for cold dishes and the other one for hot dishes. The one below is cold dishes like oysters, prawns, fruits, ham, salad, sauces and sushi.

I didn't have the chance to take a photo of those hot food, because I look weird standing at the buffet section alone taking photos :P

I think there was about 80 people attended the christmas dinner.
Most of them brought their partner along to the party. I bring Joe along of course :)
The party didn't start until nearly 8pm. I was so hungry by that time..

I had to take a bite one of the buns on the table. Or else I will get cranky and dizzy!!

I don't know what will happen by then heheeh joking

Then I had some Lobster and Fennel Bisque soup.

It tasted like prawn stock.. and can't see any lobster meat in the soup.... -_-

Finally, after a long wait, I get to eat.. I had some salad, prawns, oysters for starters.

Then some lamb, prawns & some chicken. There were more but I was too full to eat anything.

I realised my stomach is getting smaller. I can't fit much food into my stomach anymore! :(
I wish I'm like a cow.. 4 stomach.. so that I can eat as much as I want and slowly digest whenever I feel like it. There were so much good food, I can't resist!
Look at the desserts!

So pretty~

So yummy~

So Christmas-sy~

So tempting~

So Chocolaty~
How! HOW!!! HoW!!!!

Had to have some ~~~ or else I will regret for life!!!

After Dinner, We had the Award Ceremony.

Judy and I got the Award~ So Happii~~

Brooke got the Quokka Person Award.
She was so surprise when Rob announced her name, because she was the one who design and print the certificates and she thought to herself, it's impossible that she will get it!

Well, when there's ME around.. there's nothing is Imposible! ehehehe

Below are the photos of my Colleagues.

Annette and her husband.

Robyn. She won the Door Prize!! 6 days to Denmark Caravan holiday.
So nice!~~

The pretty ladies~
Brooke, Christine, Stacey(christine's friend) Morgan(Judy's daughter) Judy and myself.

Tony (my manager), Tony's wife Sherry and ME~

Joe and I
I wish I can have those dessert again now..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

In the Christmas Mood...

Although it was just November, but I'm already in the Christmas mood! I've started decorating the christmas the accompany of Christmas songs.. *I wish its snowing outside the house* hehe..

I found some cute ornaments in the box.. I love the Rudolph~

The big shiny ribbon~

This is the christmas tree that I've decorated, I still need some other decorations to go with it..

gona shop or decorations tomorrow!!!! ^-^

I was feeling so happy, that I must have something in my mouth!!
I had Tiramisu~ It's a product of Italy that I bought from Coles.
It tasted very nice, in fact, it was better tasting compared to one of the cake shop that I bought the tiramisu from..
Its a packet of 2 small tubs of tiramisu. It's not that expensive too, it was on special this week for $3.99. It's yum!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who is going to treat me badly....

The result will be... YOU WILL BE TORTURE BY ME!!!!

I can put the photo of that person...

and just pick a SPOT!

*Jess, you better come back to Perth. You wont want me to put your pic there eheheheheh

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What did I get for myself today....

I went to test drive cars today. My final decision was on these 2 cars.
Holden Astra & Mazda 3.

At 1st, I thought I will end up with Holden Astra but, once I sat into Astra, I was shock to see the interior design of Astra. It was dissapointing! I'm not good at cars, but I just hate the design of it. No matter what the deal is, I just can't take it.

Which part of it that I hated? The middle part, where the CD & air cond buttons is. Look at the buttons.. the design look so rough and plastic-ky. The buttons look like calculator. It just look so flat and unappealing. No doubt, exterior is great, but interior is just bad..

As for features, it was alright. Comparible with other cars.

To be honest, after days and weeks of research. I found Mazda 3 is the best of all. Within my price range, design and the electronics.
This is the best car ever. It has everything that I wanted. There is nothing to complain about.

Mazda 3 Interior.
Smoother looking design. It does not look plastic-ky. Except for the odd looking dashboard. It was slightly too big. ( Block by steering wheels, I don't care :P )

The test drive that the dealer gave us was awesome. I have no words for it.

He showed us the stability of the car, the efficiency of the breaks, and the smoothness of the drive. The way he drove was just impressive!! Feels like i'm in Initial-D the MOVIE!! one word.. AWESOME! Never thought MAZDA 3 is soooooooooo good!!
No wonder this car is so popular.
After testing it, I just feel like driving that car home straight away. My heart beat rose, my eyes were on the MAZDA 3, my brain just froze. I NEED TO HAVE THAT CAR.
Getting it.
Getting it.
Getting it.
Getting it.

Colour : Metropolitan Grey
Include: Spoiler, alloy wheels, safety pack, Ipod cable, slim-line weather shield, and tinting protection & etc.

Hell yea! Like what my brother told me, PIMP YOUR CAR!
I'm pimping it obviously! My first owned car! heeheh.. I'm gona dream about my car tonite.
I really will.
Can't wait till next week!
P/S: Thanks Joe for the great help!!! Muaks!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enjoying Sunday

I had a nice Sunday yesterday. I went out shopping in the city with Eileen today.
Before we started our shopping spree, we had lunch at Poppo in the city, Barrack St.
Poppo is a Japanese and Korean cuisine restaurant.

It gets quite busy during lunch and dinner time.

Eileen ordered Bibimbap.

I ordered Kimchi Chigae. A hot and spicy, Pork and vegetarian dish. mmm.... I love kimchi~

Joe and I went there few days ago when we were shopping for christmas presents in the city actually. I find it quite good and price are reasonable, so I brought Eileen there for her to try.
When I was there with Joe, we tried the Kimchee pancake as entree.

It's a must for me to try the kimchee pancake if they have it in the menu in any Korean restaurant.
It's a way for me to know whether the restaurant is good or not. No matter what restaurant that I went to, I will always order something that is common for the first time to try. If they can't even make a common dish nice, then I might not even consider to go back at all. It's just a waste of time. Don't you agree?

I ordered Ojingoh Pokkum (squid) for myself.
It's stir fried squid and vegetables with spicy sauce.
It was delicious. I love it! It's a sweet and a little chilli dish.

Joe had the Dynamite Roll.

A Sushi that explodes! BOOM! kiddin.
I'd tried 1 bite of this, tasted quite nice actually, but the weird part is...
the sushi was actually warm.... ( Aren't sushi suppose to be abit cold? )

After our lunch, we begin our shopping journey..
We shopped for clothings for hours. The first thing that Eileen bought was a 2009 Diary.
Why? She said she wants to be a better person next year! She wants to see improvements on her studies, ASIA club, friendship and TIMING... I guess.. she needs a watch too :P
Well, let's see how much will she change for the NEW year 2009!

She bought a few pieces of tops too! Good on her! She seldom bought that much whenever we went out. Usually I'm the one who bought clothes where she is actually the one who needs it. But today, finally!! She bought a few! Unbelievable...Good job leen.

After a few hours of walking, we were both soo tired and sleepy! So we decided to go home and rest. I took her home then I headed home as well straight after that.

As soon as I reach home, I put down everything and went to the backyard. Joe was cleaning the shed and rearranging the packets of seeds that his father bought few years ago.

I was so excited to see the packets of seed! There were lots of them!!
Joe asked me if I want to plant something in the pot. So, I said yes!
He taught me step by step on planting seeds. It's not difficult, but it was really interesting and I learnt new things.

Joe took a few pieces of stones, to block the holes in the pot.
He told me it's to prevent the sand from falling out when I pour in the sand.

Break the lump of sand before planting.

thats what happen when you are not concentratin...
sand.. poured over you feet.

water the sand until it is moist.

These were the seeds that I planted.

Firstly, poke some holes for the seeds..

Carefully take out the seeds, because they are very very small...

Then.. put into the hole and cover it up with sand.

There you go! I planted parsley, corriander, capsicums, and Petunia!!
Why Petunia.. because I'm in Petunia class when i was in high school :)

As for the dinner, Sa Gim and Ah Ma gave me a few packets of this..

So I thought I might give it a go, since they said it was VERY VERY NICE AND DELICIOUS.
They purposely brought it all the way from Malaysia. So, I must TRY! :)

This is the pot of curry laksa soup with tao pok and fish cakes.
Tadaa.... My bowl of curry laksa.
Ingredient... Meehoon, yellow noodle, prawns, chicken, egg, tao pok, fish cakes, long beans.
The result: I can't finish my bowl of laksa because I was too greedy. Oh, tasted quite nice, but it was not spicy enough.

Dessert.. hehehehe I had the lemon & lime cake.
Joe had the coffee and rum cake.
I can't sit and stand properly after all that. -_-