Thursday, October 30, 2008

Unusually usual -Ausglish

As usual, I woke up-toilet-wash my face-brush my teeth-comb my hair-change my clothes-online for abit-eat my breakfast-grab my bag-fill up my tumbler-start my car and off to work. Nothing special. Occasionally I will do some sit-ups. But not today, whole body aching like hell.

Driving and singing at the same time and was looking around, and I saw this.

Yeap, nothing special. A normal shop, selling crystals and beads.

But look at it carefully.... (ignore my dirty window)

50% off SATERDAY! Is that the 8th day of the week?? Wow!
This is just hilarious!!! To tell you the truth, this sign board has been there for days!! When I saw it the first day while I drove passed the shop, never thought that I would see it again today! The funny part is the shop is located right opposite the primary school (Orrong Road). Where parents, children and teachers will be everyday.

Just wondering why nobody bother to let them know it was spelled incorrectly? Or maybe the owner can't be bothered to repaint the whole damn thing again. After all, It's just one letter E.

Poor kids, they are looking at this sign board everyday before and after school. Wonder if that silly sign board confuse the kids successfully. Will they be spelling Friday as Fryday? Monday as Manday? That will be so cool!! We can anyhow spell anything in our Wey! Kool right??

Oh, I bought this today at Coles supermarket.

Fellelo Leceh~
I wonder if they sell it in Malaysia.. Well, this is my first time trying it. It's yum!


ching∞ said...

you think that's bad.. apparently teachers in KL pronounce balloon as "beh-lun" and teachers in Ipoh pronounce cucumber as "ku-kum-ber".


Jo Serwey said...

at least its not chu chum ber!~~