Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday is a busy day

I can climb up the pole, cross my legs and sit! SEXXAAYYY
and I got 6 different spot of bruises on my legs just to climb, cross & sit. How sexy is that... -_-


After pole, Eileen and I went to city to have lunch at subway then head to Boffins to look for gift for eileen's friend.
While walking towards Boffins, I pass by this shop.

They sell artistic things like jewelry, glass ware, books, cards and the weird thing is they are not just a shop, there's jewelry art gallery too! That place is Huge!

This is part of the gallery.

These are some of the item they sell in the store.

They have flower decorations in the store too. very nice and appealing.

This is the view from the gallery to the store. (sorry, i was trying out my wide lens)

They have some artistic statues everywhere in the store. It's weird, but it looks nice somehow. haha

This is one cool necklace. look like some biology or chemistry stuff.

If you are interested, it is located at Murray st near to majestic parking.


My dinner for tonight it.. Lasagna,.. Yum..hehe

I grated 1 block of cheddar cheese while we only need half block :P

Joe is the chef again. Yeap, I don't know how to cook anymore.
First, is the mince meat, tomato puree, tomato paste, rosemary, basil, and some other herbs.

Then the Cheesy sauce. ( Butter, flour, cheddar cheese & milk)

After that, we lay the pasta sheets on the pyrex, then layered with the cooked mince meat

then the Grated cheddar cheese and creamy cheese sauce

repeat the procedures til it fills up the tray, then the last ingredient will be the parmesan cheese.

and bake for around 45mins.

Then our dinner is ready to serve!!! Damn good wei.. hehehehe....


ching∞ said...

*gulp* ayoyo! I want I want I want! I dont care! You better learn from Joe and bake it for me when you are back!!

I want I want I want!

ching∞ said...

Woo-hoo! you damn geng now lor! can sit on the pole!! Too bad here pole for you to show us! hahaha.

The necklace looks like spider from here la.. nice ah?

Jo Serwey said...

ahahah eileen said nice, so i took it. :P

not my style, but it looks really interesting