Monday, October 27, 2008

My lunch for tomorrow~

My lunch for tomorrow is Ramen bolognaise, cut up tomato & cucumber and my just-in-case-i'm-hungry container of strawberries.

You must be wondering why ramen? Because I run out of pasta, thats why. Can't be bothered to go out and buy the pasta so I have ramen instead! and It tasted the same! ahhahaha.. and the good thing is.. ramen is 98% fat free! So, works for me! guilt free meal :)

Let me introduce my new friend~ Kao Cha Hao Lebbit the strawberry pick!

Kao Cha Hao = x ( look at ther mouth - the cross mouth- in cantonese)

1 comment:

ching∞ said...

I think I'll look forward to the lunch then going to work! :p