Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lunch @ Tookbegi, Pier St, Perth

Today after pole, Leen, Joe and I went to Tookbegi to have our lunch.

Today Leen's mood was not really good, it was very weird and scared me! I've never really seen her like that before in my life! She had this "Disappointed & lost" look. I asked her something, and she answered me the other thing! Henna desu!!! 0_0

But anyway, Leen was craving for something spicy and soupy, so we went to a Korean restaurant.

Tookbegi is a small restaurant with around 10 tables.

It's quite a popular place to have lunch and dinner. You'll be lucky if you get a table during dinner time.

Although it's a small place, they put a lot of effort into the small details on the spoon which was quite interesting. It just makes you feel that they are very hygienic; which is good.

This is the Korean Crushed Pear juice for leen. It's very nice and fresh! There is pulp and it was not too sweet. My favourite is the Korean Crushed Apple juice. I bought a dozen and have them at home :) It's good because they are not like other drinks which are plain and very artificial.

Joe and I ordered Brown Rice Green Tea.

We ordered Kimchee pancake to share. My favourite. I must order this whenever I go to Tookbegi. There's once, Yeeling and I went to a Korean restaurant at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre at the new wing. That was the worst Korean Pancake I've eaten in my life! We took a bite and we don't even want to eat it again! Such a waste of money.

This is pork bbq on a hot plate.

Leen's main. Spicy beef bowl. A very spicy dish.

This is Kimchi Jiighae for myself. I love Kimchee.

These side dishes are free.

Enjoyed our lunch in Tookbegi and hope Leen will be fine soon.

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ching∞ said...

is leen feeling better? do give her a call to make sure she's alright ya. hope she's not as disturbed :)

Jo Serwey said...

yea i did that night. She's better now. She is just dissapointed and lost at the same time.. Good thing is she is normal now :)