Friday, October 10, 2008

Lunch @ The Imp, Vic Park.

My manager suggested to us that we should have lunch together today. But.. where?

We went to this newly opened cafe called "The Imp"(check out their website) It's a pretty cool place. The interior is very funky and staff and the boss there are very friendly.

This is the logo for the cafe. Nice isn't it? I like it.

This is the shop counter. The counter is just a slab of polished cement~! The wall gives a sense of originality and character. I would say The Imp is a bit of Arty Farty place.

This is just a hallway to the kitchen. I really wanted to go in there, but I think it is for staff only :P

This is the side table to put sauces and cups. One very interesting part is they have a tap with a tiny sink. It's for them to fill water. It's quite a good idea, because if when the place gets busy, the customer can get the water by themselves. Sort of like a home feeling.

After exploring the place, I decided to order my lunch! I was so hungry!

Brooke and Tony ordered the Ice Coffee. One is with ice, the other is with ice cream.

Judy and I drank something Funky instead. Italian drinks. The Sanpellegrino. I had limonata, and Judy had the mangota rossa. It's a blood orange drink. Mine was abit too sour >_<

Just taking a photo :P

While we were waiting for our food to come. I went to the cake section to have a peep at those delicious cakes eheheh..

Now.. our food came at last~

Frites to share.

Chicken Baguettes for Tony and Brooke.

Steak sandwich for Judy.

and Hangover Roll for myself. ( No, I didn't have a hangover 0_0)

Overall the food was average and there's room for improvement.

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