Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A loooonnggg day....

I had a long day of work today.. I was not feeling well because I had my period pain and didn't have enough sleep. (bloody daylight saving)

From morning till afternoon I was feeling uncomfortable. It's not painful, but I just had the feeling that something was very wrong with my stomach. I really wondered why. I didn't use to have this period pain when I was in Malaysia. It started only when I came to Australia. Is it the weather or the food? Oh well, painkillers solved my problem :)

Omg.. I'm listening to S.H.E.'s new album now.. I don't know what are they singing at all. It makes no sense(the first few songs)! I think I prefer the first few albums.. (Just in case you are wondering who S.H.E. was, they are singers from Taiwan) I Love to sing their songs in karaoke. Miss the times in Redbox.

Anyway, what do you look forward to after a long day of work?

Yeap, a good and delicious dinner.

My dinner: Butterfly pork chop, hash brown and a side salad.

Very healthy hey! okay.. ignore the hash brown. hehe. Joe cooked the dinner for me today. He did a good job on the pork chop. Very tender and the taste was not too strong at all, I don't know what spices or herbs he used, but it tasted good!! He knows I'm on a diet, so he used less oil and pan fried it. Then he steamed some brocolli for me as well. The brocolli wasn't too soft or crunchy. Just the way I like it. Yum..

Damn.. tomorrow need to workout.

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